PhD Course: DRL001 History of Logistics

The main purpose of this course is to give an overview of the development of logistics through time. Some topics like purchasing, transportation, inventory theory, vehicle routing, and production theory will be highlighted. You could find more about the course content here.  


The course is free of charge for all PhD students. HiMolde PhD students will be given preference if there is a need to restrict student numbers.


  • All lecture days will start at 09:15.
    On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, lectures last for 6 academic hours, plus a one hour lunch break. These days lectures will finish at 16:00 hours.
  • On Monday there will be 7 hours of lecturing, which means that the lecture finish at 17:00 hours.
  • On Thursday the total lecturing time is 5 hours, which means that lecturing will end at 15:00 hours that day

Attendance: It is mandatory to participate during the whole week and attending all given lectures.

Evaluation: The participants should submit a paper concerning one of the treated topics. The date of submitting this paper will be 15 September 2019. Other practicalities concerning the paper will be given during the course.

Grades: The grades will be Pass/Fail.

Teaching material: In Canvas you will find a room called DRL001. In due course, you will find Power Point presentations and other materials that are needed for the course.

Module leader: Professor Asmund Olstad, tel: 93410122
Contact person: Øystein Nerland:

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