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Children with special needs in Norway and Tanzania - Improved life quality through implementation of UN Rights

A NOREC reciprocal exchange project, aiming to improve the situation of children with special needs by turning right principles into practice – in Norway and Tanzania.

Picture of students from Tanzania and Norway participating in the NOREC project.

Students from Tanzania and Norway participating in the NOREC project.


Period: July 2019 – July 2020 – (potentially annual hereafter)
Project leader:   Siv E.N. Sæbjørnsen
Funding:   NOREC –Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Fredskorpset)
Partners: Social Educator Bachelor Programme, Molde University College and
Patandi Teachers College of Special Needs Education, Tanzania

Project Blog


Children with special needs are in many situations being discriminated from other children. Many children with special needs do not get the help and support that they need in order to develop to their full potential. They may not receive the needed love and care, nor sufficient education. Because of special needs, for example as result of disabilities, they are more vulnerable to infringements than other persons. Therefore, they are given special rights through the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilites (CRPD) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). These conventions are ratified by Norway and Tanzania, however, in both countries, the rights are far from implemented in the practice field.


The aim of this project is therefore to contribute to enhancement and dissemination of knowledge about the rights of children with special needs and how rights principles can be turned into practice. The project is targeting academia and practice, i.e. students and teachers at the partner institutions as well as staff and children at local schools for children in Norway and Tanzania. 


This NOREC volunteer exchange project is based on joint learning, development, knowledge dissemination and practice implementation of UN rights of children with special needs in Norway and Tanzania. The exchange participants are students in the final study year at, accordingly, Patandi Teachers’ College of Special Needs Education and the Social Educator Bachelor Programme, HIMOLDE. A total of 20 students, 10 from Tanzania and 10 from Norway, exchange for three months. In collaboration with academic staff the project participants will produce and disseminate information material and provide presentations facilitated academia and practice, adults and children. Project products, such as information material and other information about the project, will be published on the project blog. The project blog is available from this site/link: 

The lack of knowledge about CRC and CRPD is vast, and turning principles into practice requires mindset changes. It is worth emphasising that this project concentrate on taking small steps, one at the time, and gradually contribute to the aim. An important goal is therefore to establish this project as an annual project for several years. 

Project Participants from Tanzania, Autumn 2019:

  • Alex Pontian Kaiza 
  • Ruzna Ramadhani Maumba 
  • Celestine Nuru Ketah 
  • Theresia Makiya Mwamwa 
  • Charles Festo Kazimoto 
  • Seif Hamisi Mussa 
  • Effery Anderson Mzumbwe 
  • Elia Peter Mgao 
  • Reward Mrindoko Elikaza 
  • Lea Daniel Makundi 

Project Participants from Norway, Spring 2020:

  • Martine Moen 
  • Ane Aasen Hveem 
  • Sara M. Hallberg 
  • Emilie Sollie Nilsen 
  • Kristin Furholm Sjåstad 
  • Magnus Ramsdal 
  • Terje V. Mehmet 
  • Karoline Sandblåst 
  • Pauline Bakkevig Rakvåg 
  • Julie Lossius Oppedal 


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