Research Workshop: Undertaking Research and Crafting Manuscripts for Publishing in Scholarly Academic Journals

This two-day workshop, 8 and 9 April, is organized by the Marketing, Innovation, International Business & Strategy (MIIBS) group in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Logistics at Molde University College. 

Instructor:  Professor Costas Katsikeas , Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom

Instructor: Professor Costas Katsikeas, Leeds University Business School, UK

Instructor: Professor Costas Katsikeas, Leeds University Business School, UK

This workshop focuses on how to undertake and publish academic research in scholarly journals in marketing, operations and management, and international business. The workshop will begin with a discussion of key guidelines for designing effective projects that have the potential to successfully target scholarly journals, and how to pursue a winning research strategy that emphasizes the development of research knowledge and expertise. Focal attention is given to discussing specific successful projects undertaken by the instructor concerning how to effectively design and execute research that is multi-disciplinary in nature. Particular attention will be devoted to research design and other methodological characteristics of empirical studies that constitute key quality elements of scholarly academic research projects in these disciplinary spectra. 

By following the research workshop, participants should be able to develop understanding of ‘hot’, timely research issues, key research design choices and analytical approaches, and recent conceptual, empirical, and methodological developments in these disciplinary areas.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please send an email to the organizer Professor Carlos M. P. Sousa at

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