Application procedures

Welcome to the application page with information about the application procedures and admission requirements to the international MSc degree programmes at Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde) for international applicants.

It is very important that all international applicants read and follow these instructions very carefully before you forward your online application for admission to the international MSc degree programmes. 

Introduction to the online admission system application procedures and deadlines

  • The online application system is open from 1 December 2019. All international applicants must apply individually. HiMolde is not collaborating with any educational consultants/ agents, and is therefore not accepting any applications from such consultants/ agents applying on behalf of the individual applicants.  
  • Application deadline for all applicants applying directly from abroad, and applicants who already have a temporary residence permit in Norway: 1 February 2020. After this deadline the online application system for international admission will be closed. 
  • Application deadline for Norwegian citizens, and applicants who have a permanent residence permit in Norway: 15 April 2020 (this group of applicants apply by using the Norwegian "søknadsweb", where the application portal can be found on our Norwegian home page, not as International Applicants on the English web site). 
  • Nordic citizens from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland should preferably apply by using the international application system, and apply within the application deadline of 1 February 2020, but can alternatively also contact us to apply through the Norwegian application system at latest within the deadline 15 April 2020. 
  • The international MSc programmes will start in the middle of August 2020. None of the international MSc degree programmes will start in the spring semester 2020.

Step 1. Check the formal admission requirements

A. Relevant academic background/ academic profile of your previous education

Before you start applying for admission, you must carefully check that you are fulfilling the required academic requirements. This means that you need to have a relevant academic profile from your first degree according to the MSc degree programme you are applying for admission to. If you go back to Admission, you will find more detailed information about the relevant academic profiles/ academic requirements for the respective international MSc programmes: MSc in Logistics, MSc in Sustainable Energy Logistics, and MSc in Sport Management. You need to read this information very carefully before applying. HiMolde is not undertaking any pre-assessments of the potential applicants' educational backgrounds or grades over phone or email, but will rather handle and follow up formal applications from applicants who have applied within the respective application deadlines. Only applicants who meet the academic, and other formal admission requirements mentioned below, and who can provide all the required documentation of their backgrounds when uploading their application documents, will be considered as formal applicants.   If you are not found qualified for admission to our international MSc programmes based on your uploaded documents, your application will unfortunately either not be followed up or later turned down.   

B.  Satisfactory level and duration of your previous education

Applicants must as a main role have obtained a recognized bachelor's degree equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits, beyond the basic matriculation requirements for applicants from your country at higher educational institutions in Norway.  For most countries this means that you must have completed a BBA, BA, BSc, BTech, BEng. degree of minimum 4 years duration. Alternatively, you can also have completed a 3 years bachelor's degree in a combination with further education of 1-2 years at a recognized Master's level. All your degrees must have been issued from a formally recognized university/ higher educational institution, and you must include documentation of your higher secondary school, and all your higher educational documents when applying. Applicants who only have an HND (Higher National Diploma), Diploma or Advanced Diploma will not be eligible to apply for our international MSc degree programmes. You can find the specific requirements for  the minimum/ basic matriculation requirements in Norway for your home country or the country where your previous education has been completed, in the Country List

Applicants who are studying in the last and final semester of their recognized bachelor's degree during the spring semester 2020, are given the opportunity to apply for admission. This group of applicants need to document transcripts from their higher education showing all the courses completed so far in their bachelor's studies and grades obtained in all the courses. When applying for admission, these applicants must also indicate very clearly when the final degree diploma and transcript will be out after their graduation. If later given a conditional offer of admission, these applicants will be given a last deadline to submit their final degree diploma and transcript. This deadline will first be stated in the letter of admission, and the lacking documents must then be forwarded to us according to the information given in the letter of admission. Higher priority will, however, usually be given to applicants who have already graduated from their recognized degrees within the application deadline. 

C. Admission requirements when it comes to grades from your previous education.

Admission to the international MSc programmes at Molde University College- Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde) is highly competitive, and applicants should preferably have an average grade of First Class/ First Division or Second Class Upper Division/Excellent or Very Good from their first degree or an equivalent average grade to be considered for admission.  Applicants with an average grade of Second Class Lower Division or Third Class/ Third Division or equivalent average grades, will usually not be offered admission. Due to high competition among the international applicants for admission, this also goes for international applicants with an average grade C or lower or equivalent grades in other grading systems. The grades of international applicants will not be directly converted to the Norwegian grading system (ECTS grades), but will rather be evaluated according to the grading system at the higher educational institutions where you have completed your education. It is therefore important that the transcripts of records submitted with the applications also contains information about the grading scale/ system.

D. Financial requirements and documentation

* Applicants from countries outside EU/the EEA area, must document sufficient funding to obtain a temporary student residence permit and part-time work permit in Norway, and also to meet the conditions for applying for admission. The required yearly amount is NOK 121 220 for the academic year 2019/2020, and will later in 2020 be updated for the academic year 2020/2021. Applicants can relate to the figures for 2019/2020 when they apply for admission.  The required yearly amount is also mentioned on UDI's home page:  Documentation of sufficient funding must be uploaded with your online application for all applicants coming from countries outside EU/EEA area, since HiMolde is not offering any scholarships for these groups of applicants.  HiMolde is not using any standard format when it comes to financial documentation.  The applicants must as a main rule upload copies of bank documents showing that they have the sufficient amount of money in their own bank accounts, and the corresponding amounts to NOK/ EUR, UK £ or US $ must be given with this documentation from the bank. 

If the applicants use a sponsor/ guarantee letter, the following must be clearly stated in the letter: Name, date of birth, sex and nationality, email and postal address of the sponsor, that the sponsor is willing to sponsor the MSc student for at least two years (name, date of birth, sex and nationality of the applicant + the name of the MSc degree programme applied to at HiMolde). In addition, the sponsor letter must include a copy of the bank statement showing that the sponsor has the sufficient amount of minimum NOK 121 220 to sponsor the applicant for his or her first year of the MSc studies + there must be a clear plan showing how the sponsor will finance the applicant for the second year of the MSc studies. All sponsor letters must be signed by both capital letters, and signature in handwriting, by the sponsor. 

Only admitted MSc students outside EU/ EEA will be informed about how to transfer a minimum of NOK 121 220 to our Deposit Account for International Students within a last deadline mentioned first in the formal letter of admission. Usually, this deadline for transferring the money,  will be relatively short, approximately 2-3 weeks after the formal letter of admission has been issued by HiMolde. 

* Applicants who are citizens of EU/ EEA countries, do not need to document funding with their application. If later admitted to the MSc programme, these group of applicants do not need to apply for a temporary student residence and part-time work permit in Norway, but will rather register their stay in Norway as an EU/EEA citizen, and obtain a Registration Certificate at latest within 3 months after arrival in Molde to start their MSc studies. 

Step 2. Do you meet the formal English Language Requirements for admission? 

Most international applicants for admission to our international MSc programmes, need to pass and document a formal English language test with their online application. Applicants should try to schedule, and sit for the required test in good time before the application deadline of 1 February 2020.  The required way to document your English language proficiency, is by either passing a TOEFL test with the required score results (Minimum 550 on PBT, or minimum 213 on CBT or minimum 79 on IBT), or an IELTS Academic test with a minimum score of 6.0 (overall band), or a Pearson PTE Academic test with a minimum score of 53. 

The English test result from one of these recognized tests must preferably be uploaded with your online application no later than the application deadline 1 February 2020. For verification reasons, the test score result must not be older than two years (not older than 1 February 2018 for admission in 2020).  In addition to uploading your test result with your application, all applicants will be required to send the TOEFL and IELTS test scores directly to HiMolde, and at latest within 1 April 2020 (last postal deadline), from the respective test centre. HiMolde does not so far have a separate TOEFL code, and the test results must therefore be sent to the postal address of HiMolde, stated under Step 5 below. For the Pearson PTE Academic test scores, you will be required to send your score through the Pearson secure online portal, and directly to us. HiMolde is not accepting only paper or Pdf versions of the Pearson PTE Academic score reports. These applicants should, however, temporary upload a copy of their Pearson PTE Academic score reports already when applying for admission. 

Exemption from the English language requirements

Applicants from some countries having ratified the Lisbon Convention (like the countries within EU/ EEA/EFTA), might be exempted from taking a formal English language test, if they can document a minimum of 7 years of English as a subject from their primary and secondary school, already when submitting their online application.  HiMolde has in early January 2019 updated the Country List for EU/EEA/ EFTA countries when it comes to the formal English language requirements.. Applicants from some of the EU/EEA/EFTA countries and also some few countries in Central- and Eastern Europe might be exempted from the English language requirements (Enlgish language test requirements), if they can provide documentation of completed English examinations from their higher secondary schools. These countries are now marked with Yes 1) in the third colon after the country name, and the relevant higher secondary schools in the respective countries have now also been mentioned on the list.  If the requirement still says only Yes, the applicants needs to take the formal English language test.  

* Applicants who are either native speakers/ citizens, or who have completed at least one year's education at university level from Ireland, UK, US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, where the main language of instruction has been English, are exempted from the formal English language requirements (this is not valid for overseas education controlled by one of the higher educational institutions in one of these countries, but rather offered in another country overseas). 

Applicants from "English speaking" African countries with a BBA, BA, BSc, BEng or BTech degree where the main language of instruction has been English, or who have passed English as a subject at GCE O- or A-levels, SSC in West African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone), English speaking part of Cameroon), Cambridge Overseas School Certificate or equivalent secondary education at A-level in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, and Zambia, and applicants in these countries with a university degree where English is the main academic field of study (BA in English), are exempted from the formal English language requirements, and do not have to submit TOEFL/ IELTS/ or Pearson PTE Academic test results.  

Applicants from Asian countries (for example Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, P.R. of China, Thailand, Vietnam) with a BBA, BA, BSc, BEng, BTech degree where the language of instruction has been English, are not exempted from the English language requirements, except for applicants holding a BA degree in English (English as a the major academic discipline). 

* Applicants from "French speaking" countries in Africa (e.g. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin), and some other African countries like Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, and countries in Central and Eastern Europe/ Central Asia (e.g. Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus), countries in the Middle East (e.g. Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia)and countries in South America (e.g. Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela) are not exempted from the formal English language requirements, and need to document a formal English test with the required score result. 

* For more detailed information about the formal English requirements, please see the Country List

Step 3. Create a user account

Go to the Online Application Portal - Søknadsweb

  1. Click on the top right corner where it says "Norsk bokmål" and change the language to English.
  2. When you get a question to choose an institution, choose Molde University College, Specialized University in Logistics from the drop-down list, and click "Continue"
  3. Choose "International Applicant".
  4. Click  for "Register new international applicant", and follow the instructions given. Make sure your personal information is correct:
    •  Please give your names as they appear in your passport. For the sake of file-keeping, it is essential that only one family name is given. If, however, you have two family names (e.g. maternal and paternal family name) mentioned in the passport, please use the family name used more frequently or considered the most "important". Use the name (s) given in your application consistently throughout all correspondence with HiMolde. Do not use any "nick names".
    • Please give your private and personal e-mail address. It is very important that you use your own personal e-mail address. Please notice that applicants are not allowed to use any email address generated by educational consultants/ agents, since these consultancies/ agents cannot forward applications on behalf of  applicants. Applicants can also not use any email address belonging to another person or third party in Norway or abroad. Each applicant can only use one personal email address when applying to the international MSc programmes at HiMolde, and only one application can be forwarded per applicant.  
    • Please give your private postal address, not your university, institutional or company address. It is important that you enter the city code/postal code and city. You should try to write your postal address in a very clear, and correct way. 
  5. Click on "Save" to finish the registration. You will be redirected to the log on page.
    • An email confirming your registration has been sent to your registered e-mail address
    • This email also contains your password for log on.
  6. Log on to Søknadsweb, and start the application process. (See Step 4 below).

Step 4. Register your application

Register a new application at Søknadsweb

  1. Complete "My Profile". Use your private address, not your university address. It is important that you enter the city code/post code and city. Click "Next".
  2. Choose admission: "International MSc Programs".
  3. First select the international MSc programme you wish to apply for. You can only apply for one of the three international MSc programmes at HiMolde: MSc in Logistics, MSc in Sustainable Energy Logistics or MSc in Sport Management. Each applicant can only register one application. Applicants applying to the international MSc programme in Logistics, will in addition be asked to choose only one of the two study options: A. Supply Chain Management or B. Logistics Analytics. Please read the academic admission requirements and the study plan carefully before deciding which study option you want to apply for. 
  4. Click "Next".
  5. Uploading documents. Click "+ Choose new document" to upload a document. Select the correct "type of document" for the documentation you are about to upload. (See Step 5 for a complete overview of the documentation requirements: Documents  no 1-9, and also see the check list mentioned in the "Additional Application Form")
  6. When you have finished uploading all your documents click "Next".
  7. Click "Done" on the receipt page, and your have registered your application. There is no submission bottom that you need to press. 

Step 5. Upload documents and submit your application

Document requirements
You must upload the documents as PDF-files of good quality and:

  • We require all documents to be scanned from original documentation, and that the scanned documents include all the pages of the documents (front and back pages of transcript of records from all the years you have completed your studies).  
  • If the original language of your documents is not English or a Scandinavian language, officially certified copies of a translation to one of these languages must accompany the certified copies of your original documents in the original language.
  • Please notice that HiMolde will verify the documents of admitted students/ applicants, either as part of the application process, or after  the students have arrived in Molde. 

You must upload the following documents with your online application in the following order: 

Document no 1.  Additional Application Form.

Document no 2:  CV including information about your educational background, and information about your relevant work experience, if any.

Document no 3:  Secondary School Certificate / or High School Diploma -  officially signed and stamped documents of both  transcripts and diploma must be documented

Document no 4: University degree certificate(s)/diploma(s), including the following documents:

A. Diploma/ Degree Certificate - Officially signed and stamped by the recognized higher educational institution where the degree has been completed. This will not be required by applicants who are first completing their bachelor's degrees in the spring semester 2020, and who have not yet obtained the degree diploma/ certificate at the time of their application. These applicants must indicate when their final degree diploma and transcript will be out when they apply for admission, by giving their additional comments. 

B. Transcript of records (an officially signed, and stamped transcript, showing all the courses you have completed from the recognized higher educational institution where you have completed your degree (s), and showing all the grades you have obtained in all courses completed within the degree(s). The transcript should also include information about the grading scale at the higher educational institution where the education has been taken. For some countries there are additional requirements (see the Additional Application Form under document no 1 for further information). 

Document no 5: Documentation of English language proficiency/ recognized English test for applicants who are not formally exempted from the English language requirements:

A) TOEFL or IELTS test scores (Due to verification reasons, the test cannot be older than two years (not older than 1 February 2019 for admission in 2020). Original TOEFL or IELTS test scores must, in addition to the uploaded documents, later be sent directly from the respective test centre where the test has been taken, and at latest within 1 April 2020 (last postal deadline from the test centre). Applicants who have not completed a TOEFL or IELTS test within 1 February 2020, must instead upload a registration form for one of these tests with their application, and also give additional information when the test result will be out within the application deadline of 1 February 2020. 

HiMolde does not have a separate TOEFL code.  The test score should therefore be sent directly from the test centre to the following postal address:

Application international MSc programmes
"Application number generated from "Søknadsweb""
Attention: Senior Adviser/ International Coordinator: Ragnhild Brakstad
Office of the Director of Studies and Academic Affairs
Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde)
P.O. Box 2110, NO-6402, NORWAY


If you instead are using registered post (like e.g. DHL), you must replace the P.O. Box address 2110, NORWAY with Britveien 2, NO-6410 Molde, NORWAY. The rest of the address is the same. 

B) Pearson PTE Academic test (temporary test score as pdf must be uploaded with your application). However, for this test, applicants will in addition be required to send the test score through the Pearson's secure online portal, and directly to us at latest within the last deadline for submitting the test online: 1 April 2020. Email address to be used for sending the Pearson PTE Academic test online: 

Document 6: Copy of your passport showing your full name, date of birth, gender and nationality. Applicants from countries within EU/ EEA area, can instead upload a copy of their European ID card. Applicants who already have a temporary residence permit in Norway must in addition also upload a copy of their valid residence card in Norway. 

Document 7: Motivation letter, maximum 450 words. Describe your personal motivation for applying to this international MSc programme.

Document 8: Recommendation letters from your higher education institution, and from your relevant work experiences, that you believe can strengthen your application, if you have received such documents within the application deadline.  The applicant will decide how many recommendation letters he/ she wants to upload with the application. Work experience mentioned in the application, must be documented by confirmation letters of employment from the respective employers. It is up to the applicant to decide whether to document work experience or not. Undocumented work experience mentioned in the application,  will not be considered. 

Document 9: Financial documents (required for all applicants from countries outside EU/EEA). 

  1.  Bank statement/print out (dated after 1 December 2019) in the applicant's name, showing his/ her possession of the minimum required amount for the first year of the planned MSc studies at HiMolde (NOK 121 220 or the equivalent amount in local currency and converted to NOK, or to either EUR,  UK £ or US $). The statement must be officially signed and stamped by the bank. The applicant should also mention a plan for how she/ he will finance the second year of the MSc programme applied for at HiMolde. This can be done by uploading one extra page, explaining this financial plan.  
  2. Financial documents provided by a sponsor: Sponsor/ Guarantee Letter and official bank statement/print out, showing that the sponsor is willing to sponsor the applicant for two years' MSc studies at HiMolde, and that the sponsor is in possession of the required minimum amount (NOK 121 220 or the equivalent amount in EUR, UK £ or US $ in his/ her bank account). The sponsor letter must include the name, date of birth, sex, nationality, email address and postal address of the sponsor, the name, date of birth, sex and nationality of the applicant, and the MSc programme the applicant has applied for at HiMolde. The sponsor/ guarantee letter must be signed by the sponsor, and include both the name in capital letters, and also the signature of the sponsor. Sponsor/ guarantee letters not fulfilling the above mentioned requirements will not be considered in relation to admission. 

Click "Next".

Application receipt
Check the receipt and click "Done". We will also send the receipt to your registered e-mail. 

When you log on later, you must use the top menu to navigate as the application portal looks different after you have saved the application for the first time. You will be able to change your application in the period 1 December 2019 to 1 February 2020 (when "Søknadsweb" will close for International Applicants).

Application status and handling time of international applications

* The admission process for handling international applications for admission to our international MSc degree programmes takes time.  The handling of the applications will first start after the application deadline is over on 1 February 2020.  The application results will be out somewhere in the period between the middle of April and late May 2020.  HiMolde is not announcing the admission results at exactly the same time for all the international applicants. The international applicants should be aware of this, and wait until their own result is out. 

* Please be aware that Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde) does not have the administrative capacity to answer requests regarding the status of your application over phone, email or post before the admission has been finalized. Since we consider the information given in the online application as private and confidential, we can also not consider requests from friends/ students/ relatives or other third parties/ persons already staying in Norway or abroad, who on the applicant's behalf have been asked to contact our admission office to find out more about the applicant's application or status. The result of the application for admission will therefore first be sent directly to all the applicants after the admission process has been finalized, and no other person outside HiMolde will have access to this information, before all the applicants have been informed about their results of their application, and admitted students have accepted their seats.

* Most likely, HiMolde, will first send a First Notification email online about the admission results to the admitted students. The admitted students, then need to confirm their interest for joining the respective MSc programme. First after receiving this first confirmation,  HiMolde will send a more formal letter of admission with more detailed information.  With the formal letter of admission, the admitted students will be given a final deadline to return the Acknowledgement Form, and finally accept the seat at the MSc programme, and also the conditions for the admission stated in the letter of admission.

* Rejection letters will be sent to the rejected applicants online, and not by post. 

Information about Deposit Account for International Students, accommodation and arrival information in Molde

Admitted international MSc degree students from countries outside EU/ EEA area, will first receive more detailed information about how to transfer the required amount of money of NOK 121 220 into our Deposit Account for International Students, and the last deadline for this transfer, how to apply for a student residence permit and part-time work permit in Norway, and how to apply/ book a single room accommodation at one of the Student Welfare Organisation's (SiMolde's) Accommodation Halls here in Molde with the formal letter of admission. Students who have transferred a minimum of NOK 121 220 to our Deposit Account for International Students, can first expect to receive their money back, after they have applied and obtained a Norwegian ID number, and then opened their own Norwegian bank account. This process can take several months after arrival in Molde. 

The arrival information for Molde will most probably be sent first during the month of June 2020, after the admitted students have finally accepted their seats.    Admitted international students from countries within EU/ EEA area, will also first receive similar information together with their letter of admission.  

Frequently Asked Questions

* Can I work part-time during my MSc studies in Molde? Answer: International MSc students from countries outside EU/ EEA,  can work part-time within an upper limit of maximum 20 hours per week during the semester time, and full-time during all holidays (Summer holiday, Christmas holiday and Easter holiday) during the first year of the MSc studies, and also in the second year of their MSc studies, if they are following a normal study progression. International students who are delayed in their MSc studies after the first year of studies, do not necessary get any recommendation from HiMolde to the Police/ UDI to work part-time also during their second year of the MSc studies. 

* How easy is it to get part-time work in Molde? Answer: At the moment it is not so easy to get a part-time job beside your MSc studies, since there are many students who want such jobs.  But at  the same time, there are also many international MSc students in Molde who have been successful finding a job, and who are working part-time.

* Can I fulfill the financial requirements of my application, by working part-time after arrival in Molde to start the MSc studies? Answer:  No, all applicants from countries outside EU/ EEA must meet the financial requirement when applying for admission, and within the application deadline. International students who already have a temporary student residence permit in Norway, and who have obtained a Norwegian ID-number, also need to meet all the requirements as "International Applicants" at HiMolde", including the financial requirements (Document 9).  They also need to apply within the application deadline of 1 February 2020 as International Applicants.

* Are the international MSc programmes at HiMolde offered as distance education? Answer: No, these MSc programmes are full-time studies, and the international MSc students are expected to be present during their MSc studies here in Molde during the semester time.

* Are there any tuition fees to be paid to join the international MSc programmes at HiMolde? Answer: No. Norwegian and international MSc students only pay a minor semester fee of NOK 745 per academic semester (autumn and spring semesters).

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