Facts about the course

Study points:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Logistics
Course Leader:
Axel Patrick Merkel
Lecture Semester:
Teaching language:
½ year

SCM500 International Transportation and Distribution (Autumn 2018)

About the course

The course covers the following topics: International flow of goods, sales and payment terms, documentation and insurance in international transport, international air freight and liability for damage and loss of goods in seaborne transport.

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Recommended requirements

<p>The students should have passed introductory courses in business and economics. Some knowledge of basic logistics is an advantage</p>

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

At the end of the course, you should have an insight into topics of importance to management of international transport, with focus on international trade, and how the transportation network is designed to meet the demand from this trade. An introduction to documentation and insurance in international transport is also given. The course serves as a background for both strategic work and design of freight transport operations.

Forms of teaching and learning

3 hours of lectures each week.


  • Form of assessment: Written school assessment
  • Proportion: 60%
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Grouping: Individual
  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)
  • Support material: All printed and written supporting material + calculator with empty memory
  • Form of assessment: Home assessment
  • Proportion: 40%
  • Duration: -
  • Grouping: -
  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)
  • Support material: All printed and written supporting material


David P and R Stewart. 2007. International Logistics. 2nd edition

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