Facts about the course

Study points:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Logistics
Course Leader:
Berit Irene Helgheim
Lecture Semester:
Teaching language:
½ year

LOG904-151 Disaster Relief Operations: Operations and Capabilities. (Autumn 2019)

About the course

Course content (abstract): Disaster relief operations have gained increased attention from the academic community in recent years as researchers, motivated in particular by a high number of sudden-onset, major catastrophes have sought to make sense of aspects concerning (but not limited to) operations management, performance measurement, logistics and transportation, demand forecasting, inventory management and quality control. Understanding the challenges and enhancing the effectiveness of disaster relief and humanitarian work is regarded as vital to enhancing the efficacy of future relief efforts.


Topics covered: Operations and supply chain management, in the context of disaster relief operations, and also including aspects resource capabilities and strategy.

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Recommended requirements

No previous knowledge of the topic is necessary.

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

Apply the principles of operations management, including supply chain management, to the disaster relief sector through lectures and case study discussions. Consider the founding principles of the resource-based view (RBV) to the sector.

Forms of teaching and learning

Our lectures will introduce the concepts and challenges associated with operations and supply chain within the sector, as well aspects of organizational strategy. Case studies will facilitate student-led discussion.


  • Form of assessment: Written school assessment
  • Proportion: 100%
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Grouping: Individual
  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)
  • Support material: Only general dictionary in mother tongue/Norwegian/English in paper version


To be advised in advance of teaching.

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