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Faculty of Logistics
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½ year

IDA730 Visual Analytics in Operations Management (Spring 2019)

About the course

Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. The course is based on techniques for data handling and dynamic graphical representations. Visual analytics tools and techniques synthesize information and derive insight from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and often conflicting data to provide assessments; and communicate effectively for actions. The overall goal is to detect the expected and discover the unexpected. Visual analytics is a multidisciplinary field that includes both visual and analytical components. Visual representations and interaction techniques take advantage of human mind to allow users to see, explore, and understand large amounts of information at once. Analytical reasoning techniques enable users to obtain deep insights that directly support assessment, planning, and decision-making.

The course is connected to the following study programs

The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

After completing the course the student will

  • Get a breath of knowledge essential to data analysis, for data collection, data cleaning, data integration, data visualization, and presentation

  • Become familiar with visual and computation techniques and tools

  • Be able to perform data analysis and visualization tasks for operations management

  • Work on real data and problems

Forms of teaching and learning



One homework assignment and one final project will be evaluated with a character grade (A - F) and will contribute 30% and 70% respectively to the final grade for this course.

Course evaluation



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