Facts about the course

ECTS Credits:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Logistics
Course Leader:
Berit Irene Helgheim
Lecture Semester:
Teaching language:
1 week

LOG904-101 Research Design (Autumn 2021)

About the course

Mandatory for MSc Logistics

Framework or appropriate plan for a study (research) used for formulating research problems, administration of data and analysis.

Learning objectives:

  • Improve your ability to formulate and structure a research problem for your master thesis
  • To ensure that your study is relevant to the research problem
  • To learn more about research methods and data collection methods


The course is connected to the following study programs

Reduction of Credits

This course’s contents overlap with the following courses. A reduction of credits will occur if one of these courses is taken in addition:

Course Reduction of Credits
LOG951 – Master's Degree Thesis 2.5

Coursework requirements - conditions for taking the exam

  • Mandatory coursework: Seminar-/collection participation
  • Courseworks given:
  • Courseworks required:
  • Presence: Required
  • Comment: All lectures are mandatory


  • Form of assessment: Home assessment
  • Proportion: 100%
  • Duration: -
  • Grouping: Individual
  • Grading scale: Pass/fail
  • Support material: All printed and written supporting material

Course evaluation

All lectures are mandatory.


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