Facts about the course

ECTS Credits:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Logistics
Course Leader:
Arild Hoff
Lecture Semester:
1 week

LOG904-176 Transport Law, Insurance and Incoterms (Autumn 2021)

About the course

In every sale/purchase (around the globe), a trade term / delivery term is included. Either as a specific term named and stated, or the actual term has to be interpreted out from the contract.
The most common general used trade terms are the Incoterms
®, and the aim of the seminar is to give the students a knowledge of trade terms/delivery terms in general, with an in depth knowledge of the Incoterms®.
The Incoterms
® is part of both the Sales Law as well as the Transport Law (logistics), and Insurance Law, and hence a vey useful tool when working with Sale, Purchase og Logistics (Planning, Forwarding and Transport).

Topics covered:

  • The formalities in order to engage in Logistics operations in a Country (ref. Cabotage etc. with Focus on Norway).

  • The background of, and need for trade terms/delivery terms in general.

  • Focus on Incoterms®, including an in depth study of both what Incoterms® do and don’t do, as well as detailed analysis of the 11 different Incoterms®.

  • Insurance Law and the need for Insurance and the link to Incoterms®

  • About the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (the ICC) as such, and its Commissions and work scope

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Recommended requirements


Forms of teaching and learning

  • Three hours of lectures per day and case studies in groups

  • Case presentations by students in class


  • Home assessment without presentation

  • Cumpolsory attendance

  • Grading scale:Letter (A - F)



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