Facts about the course

ECTS Credits:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Course Leader:
Harald Klaus Dolles
Lecture Semester:
Teaching language:
½ year

IDR303 International Business of Sport (Autumn 2018)

About the course

In this course on the international business of sport students will explore:

  • The forces driving globalization, international business and sport;
  • The cultural environments facing business;
  • Types of strategy and the organization of international business;
  • Approaches to value creation: global integration versus local responsiveness;
  • Strategic positioning and branding;
  • Managing international collaborations;
  • International human resources management;
  • Research tools in international business research and analysis.

This course is part of a throughline in research in the BSc in Sport Management. Description of throughlines available in the program description

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The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Understand the global significance and the distinctive nature of the international business of sport;
  • Evaluate industry structure, corporate strategy and value creation in the sports and sports-related industries;
  • Identify factors affecting modes of international operation in the sports industry;
  • Analyse the major causes of cultural differences and change;
  • Explain the ideas of global integration and local responsiveness;
  • Grasp why international collaborative arrangements succeed or fail;
  • Illustrate the different ways how sport businesses can accomplish their global objectives;
  • Apply and communicate this understanding to real cases and problems using appropriate international business theories.

Forms of teaching and learning

Lectures and seminars. The course builds on team and individual projects that aim at synthesizing knowledge and understanding.

Coursework requirements - conditions for taking the exam

  • Mandatory coursework: Assignment(s)
  • Courseworks given:
  • Courseworks required: Ja
  • Presence: Required
  • Comment: Mandatory team assignment(s) during the course, where everybody is expected to participate. The team work’s final presentation has to be presented in class. Students receiving a “Fail” on the team assignment(s) are not eligible to take the final course exam.


  • Form of assessment: Written school assessment
  • Proportion: 60%
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Grouping: Individual
  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)
  • Support material: Only general dictionary in mother tongue/Norwegian/English in paper version
  • Form of assessment: Home assessment
  • Proportion: 40%
  • Duration: -
  • Grouping: Group
  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)
  • Support material: All printed and written supporting material


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