Ph.D Courses

As part of the PhD Programme you will have to take courses corresponding to 45 ECTS. Courses on PhD-level must be a minimum of 25 ECTS.

In co-operation with your supervisor you will have to present a list of suggested courses to the Doctoral Degree Committee.  The list will take into account both the suggested topic for your thesis and your background.  For example, if you do not have a solid background in logistics, you will on one hand need a large collection of courses in logistics, on the other hand, you will already have a solid background in some related subject that will be beneficial for your thesis. The Doctoral Degree Committee may require that you take courses without credit in order to bring you to an acceptable level for starting a doctoral study.

There is only one obligatory course:

  • ​Philosophy of science (5 ECTS) - this course is given in Norwegian by Høgskulen i Volda. For non-Norwegian using student, you may choose a similar course from another institution.

In addition, Molde University College offers PhD courses at irregular intervals.

Reading courses

The Doctoral Degree Committee will accept reading courses.  Course description and literature list must be approved by the committee in advance.

Talks at international conferences

Talks at international conferences give 3 ECTS. PhD candidates will get credits for maximum 3 talks, a total of 9 ECTS (use this form to register talks:


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