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Hansson is professor of Urban and Regional Planning.

Hansson has an academic profile based in Human Geography/ Urban planning and Development (2003, Karlstad University and Gothenburg University), Political Science/Public Administration (MSc 2005, Gothenburg University) and Science and Technology Studies (PhD 2011, Linköping University).

She has had academic positions at Linköping University, Molde University and VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. Hansson has also worked with regional development at The Government of Sweden, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and at The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Hansson’s main research is related to the transport sector:

  • Governance of sustainable transitions. Today governments seek to use network governance to address climate change and develop policies that aim for sustainable transitions and smart mobility solutions. Hansson's main work relates to transport planning and decision making in urban areas and socio-technical co-production of services.  
  • Conditions for planning and decision-making in the light of competitive tendering regulation. In her early work (PhD thesis) Hansson examined the political-administrative dimension in public transport tendering processes, and has since then continued to work on central issues related to politics-accountability-contract design.
  • Transport policy and governance (theory development). With a background from political science, Hansson work with incorporating general theories/concepts from the political science discipline into the transport research field. This is a response to the economic-technical discourse that has shaped the understanding of policy in the transport society.

Hansson's main work is on the transport sector, however, Hansson did her post doc. on reform changes in the health sector and she has continued some work within this sector as well, focusing on coordination/multi-level governance.

Key words:

  • Transport Policy and Governance
  • Sustainable Transport/Mobility  
  • Socio-technical Change (Transport/Energy)

Externally funded projects (ongoing):

Teaching study year 20/21:

  • ADM725 Urban Governance and Sustainable Development (MA-level) 
  • ADM730 Future (Smart) Cities (MA-level)
  • TRA500 European Transport Policy (BA-level)

Hansson welcomes Master- and Ph.D. proposals related to sustainable mobility, smart mobility, urban development and planning, socio-technical change, transport policy.


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