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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Algendi, Abdalrahman Research Fellow Logistics +4771214015 abdalrahman1.algendi@himolde.no Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Amaro Ferreira, Joao Carlos Professor +4771195970 joao.c.amaro.ferreira@himolde.no
Picture of Terje Andersen Andersen, Terje Seniorrådgiver - Forskningsadministrasj. +4771195752 Terje.Andersen@himolde.no
Picture of Agaraoli Aravazhi Aravazhi, Agaraoli Research Fellow Logistics +4771195815 Agaraoli.Aravazhi@himolde.no Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Halvard Arntzen Arntzen, Halvard Associate Professor +4771214215 Halvard.Arntzen@hiMolde.no
Picture of Terje Bach Bach, Terje Assistant Professor +4771214073 +4793255838 Terje.Bach@hiMolde.no Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Svein Bråthen Bråthen, Svein Professor +4771214297 97089852 Svein.Brathen@hiMolde.no
Buvik, Arnt Sture Professor emeritus arnt.s.buvik@himolde.no
Picture of Ketil Danielsen Danielsen, Ketil Associate Professor +4771214212 Ketil.Danielsen@himolde.no simulation, programming, informatics, computer science
De Oliveira Leite Nascimento, Carla Research Fellow Logistics +4771195972 carla1.de.oliveira.leite.nascimento@himolde.no Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Jens-Eric Eliassen Eliassen, Jens-Eric Førsteama.emeritus 97720521 Jens-Eric.Eliassen@himolde.no
Engvik, Lars Enok Associate Professor +4771195977 lars.e.engvik@himolde.no
Gatta, Valerio Professor II valerio.gatta@himolde.no
Gergis, Faris Henry Research Fellow Logistics +4771214094 faris.h.gergis@himolde.no
Picture of Irina Gribkovskaia Gribkovskaia, Irina Professor +4771214211 +4797196992 Irina.Gribkovskaia@hiMolde.no
Picture of Lisa Hansson Hansson, Lisa Professor +4771195809 Lisa.Hansson@himolde.no
Picture of Magoti Daniel Harun Harun, Magoti Daniel Research Fellow Logistics +4771195834 Magoti.d.Harun@himolde.no Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Berit Irene Helgheim Helgheim, Berit Irene Associate Professor +4771214261 Berit.I.Helgheim@hiMolde.no
Picture of Harald Martin Hjelle Hjelle, Harald Martin Professor +4771214241 Harald.Hjelle@hiMolde.no Transport economics, Logistics
Picture of Arild Hoff Hoff, Arild Professor +4771214202 91131410 Arild.Hoff@hiMolde.no
Picture of Karoline Louise Hoff Hoff, Karoline Louise Research Fellow Logistics +4771214283 Karoline.L.Hoff@himolde.no Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Johan Holmgren Holmgren, Johan Dean +4771195810 Johan.Holmgren@himolde.no Transport Economics, Transport demand, Mode choice, Transport pricing
Hrydziushka, Darya Research Fellow Logistics +4771195975 darya1.hrydziushka@himolde.no Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Lars Magnus Hvattum Hvattum, Lars Magnus Professor +4771214223 Lars.M.Hvattum@himolde.no
Picture of Bjørn Jæger Jæger, Bjørn Professor i informatikk +4771214217 98618093 Bjorn.Jager@himolde.no