PhD Course DRL005 Philosophy of Science - Part two

(This is the second part of two.  First week was week 36.)

The course provides a broad introduction to the philosophy of science, with emphasis on the history of science, the strategies of science in producing knowledge, and the interaction between science and society.

The course will present the role, basic concepts and main perspectives in philosophy of science. Moreover, the course will address different topics in philosophy of science such as scientific reasoning, explanation in science, and perspective on the role and use of theories. The course will also present issues and perspectives on research ethics. 

You could find more about the course content here:

The course is free of charge for all PhD students.

Recommended requirements

Concepts and topics of philosophy of science are applied on research within the participant’s own research tradition. Consequently, it is preferable that the participants have begun working with their doctoral thesis. If the participant has not begun working with the thesis, it is necessary that a research plan is formulated, specifying research questions, method(s) and theoretical perspective(s). This shall be submitted to by
the application deadline.

Evaluation: Written and oral presentation of individual assignments related to the curriculum and participants’ research interests.
Grades: Pass/Fail.

Course responsible: Lise L. Halse:
Contact person: Øystein Nerland:

Molde University College, Specialized University in Logistics
P.O. Box 2110, 6402 Molde, Norway

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