Facts about the course

Study points:
Responsible department:
Faculty of Logistics
Lecture Semester:
Teaching language:
½ year

LOG904-110 Integrated Logistics and Operations: Learning Through Games (Autumn 2018)

About the course

You will play several interactive internet-based games to further develop and refine your intuition and knowledge of operations and supply chain management, as applied to both services and manufacturing.  As a prerequisite, students are expected to have basic knowledge of operations and logistics management, however, operations principles will be further reviewed and games can be played quite competently using qualitative analysis (good quantitative analysis generally further enhances performance).  Topics may include product design, forecasting, pooling, the impact of variability, capacity management, managing bottlenecks, inventory management, managing lead times, customer responsiveness, and the bullwhip effect.

Lecturer: Glen Schmidt,University of Utah, USA. (glen.schmidt@business.utah.edu)

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  • Form of assessment: Written school assessment
  • Proportion: 100%
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Grouping: Individual
  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)
  • Support material: Only general dictionary in mother tongue/Norwegian/English in paper version
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