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Faculty of Logistics
Course Leader:
Nina Pereira Kvadsheim
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1 week

LOG904-158 Circular Economy (Autumn 2021)

About the course

Course content (abstract): The world is moving from a linear economy of make-use-dispose to a more sustainable circular one. Such a transition is one of the critical challenges in order to create a more sustainable society and it requires circular thinking and a shift in mindset in how to approach such challenges. Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable society? Do you want to tackle the challenges in the transition towards a circular eonomy (CE)? Do you want to be the new generation of innovators and leaders to influence that change? Then this seminar is for you!

Topics covered: 1) An overview of a circular economy; 2) Business value in a circular economy, i.e. how businesses are adopting circular economy models; 3) What this means for supply chains

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The student's learning outcomes after completing the course

This course will provide students with knowledge, some practical skills needed to respond to CE challenges. They will be able to understand how CE will transform traditional business models, and how to operate supply chain networks for a circular business model.

Forms of teaching and learning

These will consist of lectures and exercises/final assignment. In completing the exercises/assignment, students are expected to work in groups/individually. The instructor will be available (physically or online) to assist students who need help. All lectures are mandatory.


  • Form of assessment: Home assessment
  • Proportion: 100%%
  • Duration: -
  • Grouping: Group
  • Grading scale: Letter (A - F)
  • Support material: All printed and written supporting material


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