Where can I find the results of my exam?

Assessment is to be available within three weeks after your exam. 

Proposed solution and guidance for grading

Read through the proposed solution to the exam before asking for an explanation or appealing on your grade. You can find the exam question set and the proposed solution in Canvas.

Explanation of grades

  • You may ask for an explanation of grades within one week after the grades have been published in Studentweb.

You can contact the academic responsible directly. If you wish to remain anonymous, you must send an e-mail requesting an explanation to with the date, code and name of your exam and your candidate number.

Grade appeals

You can only make an appeal about the final grade, not the separate parts of an assessment.

Students may appeal individually about the grading of a group work. Any change in the grading will only apply to the person complaining on the grade.


Formal errors appeals

  • You can appeal on formal errors within three weeks from the date you became familiar with the error made.

Contact for an appeal form.

More information about explanation and appeals

Appeals about formal errors concerning the examination or assessment are treated by the first instance at Molde University College and are subsequently determined by the Appeals Committee at Molde University College.

Regulations concerning explanation and appeals


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