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Recognition of courses

Applicants must be enrolled in a degree program at Molde University College.

The application must include: Transcripts of records/ Diplomas Course descriptions and curriculum.

Applications should be sent to

There is no deadline for applying. The application is scanned and recorded in our a digital archive system and distributed to an executive officer. The executive officer discusses the case with the program manager, and together they reach a decision. Then the executive officer writes a letter to the student informing him/her about the decision and conclude the case in the archive system. Finally, the executive officer gives a copy of the letter to the administration department who register and post the recognition. 

The recognised courses will appears in StudentWeb.
In the diploma awarded by Molde University College, the recognised course(s) will be registered as follow: Course name, number of credits, name of the external institution, semester. The course will simplify be marked recognised, and there will be no local or external grade. 
When recognising foreign qualifications, Molde University College follow NOKUT's (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) recommendation for weighting points taken at a foreign institution

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