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Students use of keycards

Guidelines for student use of key cards



Molde University College (HiMolde) offers students key cards so that they can access the university building outside of normal opening hours. All full-time students get key cards integrated into the student certificate. A full-time student is referred to as a student who is engaged in a regular study at HiMolde and has paid a semester fee.

1. Key Card

The key card is strictly personal and may not be disclosed to others. In case of loss of card, the college must be notified immediately.


2. PIN

The card follows a PIN code used with the card to open the doors. The PIN must be learned. After this, it should not be written down. Storing key cards and PIN together are defined as negligent use. If necessary, a new PIN can be set to the IT Center.


3. Access to rooms

Outside of normal opening hours, students have access to reading rooms, welfare rooms, and certain group rooms and terminal rooms.

Students do not have access to rooms normally occupied by employees.

Access to the building can be limited in holidays, vacations and the like.

Høgskolen reserves the right at any time to change student access to the building.


4. Access to building and card usage

There are card readers at all the entrance doors of building B, which can be used outside of normal opening hours. For building A there are coral reefs at both entrances on the south side and at the main entrance on the north side. The card is used as follows:

  • Hold the card near the card reader
  • Enter your PIN
  • Pull the door open

If this is done correctly, the door will open. After a few seconds the door will be locked again.

If it is not done correctly, the door will not open. One must repeat the entire operation.


5. Student responsibility

Access to the buildings outside of normal opening hours applies only to students at HiMolde. All students staying in the buildings outside of normal opening hours must submit a valid certificate of study.

When using the card, one should ensure that any other person who passes is also a student or employee at HiMolde. In case of doubt, proof must be displayed. One must also ensure that the door is locked after passing.

Stay in the buildings must be done in such a way that it does not impair the value of the building and does not interfere with other students or employees.


6. Policy violations

Violation of these guidelines may cause the key card function to be retracted.

In case of negligent use of the card, students may be held liable for any damage that has occurred.

In case of continuous breach of these guidelines, HiMolde reserves the right to terminate the system of key cards for students.


7. Registration during use

All passages are registered. The following information is registered:

  • Point in time
  • Place
  • Card user

The information will be deleted after 3 months. Processing of data will be in accordance with the Data Inspectorate's "Standard Terms of Use of Access Control System" of 16 September 1994.

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