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Group rooms

Reserve a group room

Rules for reserving group rooms

  • A student group must consist of a minimum of 3 participants.
  • Each group can reserve the room for a maximum of 4 hours.
  • It is only possible to reserve 1 week in advance.
  • If someone has reserved the room and does not meet up: Others may take over after 15 minutes.
  • The students themselves must show solidarity, and follow up the rules against each other.
  • Remember to tidy the group room after use :-)


  • Select time first, then you will only see available rooms. (Busy rooms are not shown).
  • If group work is part of organized course exercises; You must enter the course code/ study program in the notice field, so the assistant teacher can find you.
  • There are also group rooms in the library.
  • Note that you can only search and add students with student numbers. Name is not visible in TimeEdit for privacy reasons.

Examination periods May and December

We try to free up group rooms for reading places during the exam period. During the exam period, you can not reserve a group room as a student, it may be a teacher who needs group rooms in teaching. Department HS has regular lectures in May / December.

NB: There are some permanent vacancies available during the exam period. It is group B352a, B352b, B353 and B354. Otherwise, you can meet up early and use a group room that is available.

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