Examinations spring 2020

Our ambition is that examinations should be well executed this spring and that we are ready to offer the students a good study programme when autumn comes. A large amount of trust is required amongst ourselves in this situation. We therefore ask the students to carefully read any information regarding examination. Any changes in your exam is updated in Studentweb.

The assessment form for all written school exams during the spring semester 2020 will change. The new assessment form will mainly be home examination. All supporting materials are permitted during a home exam. In some cases, coursework requirements will be included in the total assessment. Please see  Studentweb for assessment forms.

Your exam will be on the same day as previously announced. Exams will mainly be conducted in Inspera, starting and ending at the same time as the original exam + up to additional two hours (for any practical or technical incidents). National examinations will follow national guidelines.

Some written school exams may alter to an oral examination. Oral examinations will be conducted in Skype, Zoom or similar tools.

Coursework requirements

Students must fulfill mandatory coursework requirements as presented in the course description. In some cases, you may complete your coursework after the exam within a set deadline. If the coursework cannot be completed within reasonable time, an exemption can be made. The academic responsible for a course will inform you of any changes in Canvas.

Coursework requirements may be included in the total assessment of a course. It can become part of the assessment in a course, or the entire assessment in a course. This decision will be made by the academic responsible.

Mandatory attendance

Mandatory attendance is not a prerequisite for taking exams during the spring semester 2020.

Special arrangements during exams

Students entitled to extra time during school exams due to special needs, are entitled to the same amount of extra time if the school exam is converted into a home examination.

Cheating on exams

A plagiarism control system will be in place for home examinations.

Familiarize yourself with regulations for plagiarism and cheating; https://www.himolde.no/english/studies/examination/regulations-cheating-and-plagiarism/index.html

To avoid problems with plagiarism, we strongly recommend not to cut-and-paste from Internet.

If in doubt about rules for quotations or other regulations, please contact the academic responsible for your course.

Unauthorised cooperation between candidates, help or copying is against regulations.

Non-attendance at examinations

If absent during an exam in the spring semester 2020, you must hand in a self-certification stating why you could not attend. No medical certification from a doctor is necessary.

If you have handed in a self-certification you may sign up for the proximate new exam. You must be registered for the original exam during the spring 2020 to sign up for a new exam. Students can normally sit for three attempts per exam, but you can apply for a fourth attempt if needed. Your application will be approved if the reason is due to Corona virus restrictions.

We strongly encourage all students as far possible to execute your studies and exams during the spring semester 2020. This will make it easier for you when autumn arrives.

The University College will consider an extraordinary exam period in August if a large number of students are not able to take exams in the spring semester 2020. A decision will be made in the end of May.

Published Mar. 25, 2020 3:05 PM - Last modified Apr. 21, 2020 5:48 PM