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Short home exams

Due to Covid 19 regulations, school examinations may be changed into home examinations lasting less than 12 hours. Read more about how to prepare yourself for this type of examination. You will also find the checklist for students having oral exams in Zoom.

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Prepare for your exam

  • Check your candidate number and the date and time for your exam in Studentweb.
  • Check which mobile phone number you are registered with in Studentweb. We may need to send you important messages by SMS during your exam. Register changes in the Common contact register
  • You must have one of the following browsers installed (one of the two latest versions)
    •  Microsoft Edge
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari (for MacOS X)
  • Practice. Take a demo exam for home examinations in Inspera. 
  • You do not need to install the software programme Safe Exam browser to conduct a home exam in Inspera.
  • Try reducing the home network traffic caused by other users, especially at the opening of the exam and when submitting your exam in Inspera.
  • If your exams requires you to upload a document:
    • If possible, be in reach of two computers and use a cloud storage system like OneDrive to save your document with your answers. Should one machine fail, your work is still intact in the cloud storage system and you can continue working on your second machine. 
    • Practice how to save a Word document as a PDF file. See here for how to do this

For exams that require calculations or drawings of models by hand:

  • Practice taking photos of your calculations/drawings and creating these into one singel PDF file.
  • Notice how long time this takes you.
  • You can download the app Office Lens to your mobile phone. The app allows you to create one single PDF from several photos. 
  • Instead of making one single PDF from all handwritten papers, you can take a photo and add this directly into your Word document before saving this as a PDF document.

Find more information on handing in home exams, bachelor- and master thesis’

Avoid cheating

All supporting materials are allowed during a home exam. Unless the exam is as a group examination, you cannot cooperate with or receive help from anyone. During group exams you can only coorporate and receive help from other group members. A plagiarism control will be conducted on all exams.

It is your duty as a student to familiarize yourself with the regulations that apply.

Support before your exam

We are here to assist you and help you get ready before the examination day. Remember to take a demo exam for home exams in Inspera with your machine before getting in touch with us.

  • Questions regarding examinations, how to conduct an exam in Inspera, digital tools and special arrangements during the exam:
  • Technical issues:
  • Questions regarding handing in assignments in Canvas:
  • Academic questions: Contact the academic person responsible for your course.
  • You can also call Student service: 71 21 40 00

The examination day

Information regarding all exams

  • The exam question set is available in Inspera. 
  • If you are not able to see the exam question set in Inspera, you can also find the question set in Canvas. 
  • For some questions you will answer questions directly in Inspera, but for most exams you will need to upload your answer as a PDF file. You will know on beforehand which type of exam you will sit for.
  • If your exam requires you to make drawing or calculations on paper before making this into one single PDF to upload in Inspera, you will automatically receive additional time for this.
  • If you wish to withdraw, you must log into Inspera and choose "Submit blank" 

Exams with Multiple Choice Questions

  • All questions must be answered in Inspera
  • Your answers are automatically saved on your machine. Do not change machine during the exam.
  • You can go back and forth among the questions.
  • When ready, click on the button for "Submit " in the last window in Inspera.
  • You can submit your answers only once.

Exams that require uploading a PDF

  • Download the exam question set to your machine. Follow a link in the exam question set in Inspera to download the question set.
  • You can exit and re-enter Inspera during the exam.
  • Write your answers to the exam questions in a Word document. When ready, save your document as one single PDF file on your machine or in a cloud storage system like One Drive.
  • Do not write your name or your student number in your answer. The following should be on your first page;
    • the date of the exam
    • the name of your course.
    • your candidate number. Find it in Studentweb and in Inspera when the test opens.
  • You may upload your document several times before the deadline. Your uploaded document will have the status "Saved" until the deadline has passed. 
  • At the deadline, the last version of your uploaded document will automatically be submitted in Inspera. Your document will now have the status "Submitted".
  • Be sure to check that you have uploaded the correct version of your file. To check, you can download your file from Inspera.

For exams that require calculations or drawings of models by hand:

  • Write your candidate number, date and course code on all handwritten papers.
  • Take a photo of your calculations/drawings with your mobile camera or any digital tool, such as Office Lens.
  • Remember to have enough time left of your exam to create a single PDF file of your answers and handwritten papers. Test how long this will take you, well ahead of your exam day. When setting the length of exam, the academic responsible has taken into account that you need time to take photos and to create a PDF. You can therefore not ask for additional time to make your PDF.

Support during your exam

We will support you as best as we can so you can complete your exam.  A team of  technical, administrative and academic staff are ready to assist you.

Support during examinations

  • 71 19 59 90

What actions should I take before contacting support?

  • Try to minimize traffic at your home network, especially when the exam opens and when you need to upload your answer. 
  • Keep you mobile close, we will send out any important messages by SMS.
  • If Inspera is lagging, try exiting and re-entering Inspera. If that does not help, try restarting your machine. 

When should I ask for support?

  • If you have academic questions only the lecturer can answer.
  • If you are not able to access the exam question set. We can assist you in getting a copy of the exam question set. Depending on your situation, we can consider adding time to your exam.
  • Immediately if you are not able to upload your PDF file with your exam answers (but only after trying to re-enter or restarting your machine). We can open up for a new delivery while keeping in touch with you.
  • If you are still not able to upload your paper, you must send your file as soon as possible by email to We can identify the point in time when you saved the final version of the document. Therefore, do not edit or save your document after the deadline for handing it in and before sending it by email. We will consider adding your document to the exam system or open up for new delivery in the exam system. If you contact us as soon as possible after the deadline, and seeing that the document is saved before the deadline, we will assist you in getting your assignment delivered.
  • Do not contact support to ask if you have handed in your paper correctly. You must check this yourself in Inspera. Check for status “Saved” before the deadline, check for status “Delivered” after the deadline. You can download your paper from Inspera to check that this is the correct version. Do not send us an email with your paper if you have been able to upload it in Inspera.

Self-certification if you cannot complete an exam

Sometimes things happen that are not in your control and that prevents you from starting or finishing your exam.  You can send in a self-certification to explain your absence.

Self-certification if ill or absent during your exam

Absense may be caused by Corona related issues, illness or unforeseen circumstance. If you are fully or partly absent during your exam, you can hand in a self-certification. The deadline for handing in the self-certification is one week after the examination date.

A medical statement is not required together with you self-certification. You must however send in the self-requirement to have your absence registered as a valid absence.

To be eligible to sign up for a new and postponed exam due to absence, you must have registered for the original exam and have sent in the self-certification.

Absence during a home examination means that you have not been able to prepare for or  complete the examination.

Absence is not the same as withdrawal from an exam. If you wish to withdraw from an exam, you must do so in Studentweb within two weeks from the examination date. If you wish to withdraw during the exam, you must deliver blank in Inspera.

Read more about absence during an exam

Special arrangements during exams

If you are in need of special arrangements during school exams, these arrangements will still be organised for you, if feasible, during home examinations lasting shorter than 12 hours.

If you have questions about special arrangements during examination, please contact

Read more about special arrangements

New and postponed exams (retake exams)

New and postponed exams will be conducted in the first half of September as normal. The exams will be taken at home and not at school. The examination form will most likely have the same assessment form as the original exam, but the faculty can according to regulations change the assessment, for example chance it info an oral exam in Zoom.   

Read more about new and postponed examinations

General information on changes regarding examinations autumn semester 2021

It is important that students can conduct all exams the autumn semester in the best possible way. The school has therefore decided that all examinations during the autumn semester 2021 will primarily be home examinations.

Any changes in your assessment form have been updated in Studentweb. Examinations will mainly be home examinations, however in a few cases, the assessment form might remain a school examination or an oral exam might take place at school. Any school exams must be conducted with infection control rules in place. If this is not possible, the school exam must be converted into a home exam or postponed. Any oral exams will be conducted digitally.

Your exam will normally be on the same day as previously announced. Exams will be conducted in Inspera, and normally open and end at the same time as the original exam. To be sure, check Studentweb. If you need to draw or make calculations on paper, you will receive additional time for practical or technical incidents.

All supporting materials are allowed during the home exam.

Campus is open

Even though examinations will take place in your home, you are welcome to use campus for a place to study and meet others. As long as you follow the infection control rules, you can meet fellow students and read for your exams in open classrooms, group rooms, the cafeteria and the library. Remember that faculty members and administrative staff are present at campus and will assist you if you wish to discuss how to prepare for exams. If the campus must close, you will be notified. 

Cheating on exams

A plagiarism control system will be in place for home examinations.

Familiarize yourself with regulations for plagiarism and cheating.Cooperation between candidates, help or copying is against regulations.

If in doubt about rules for quotations or other regulations, please contact the library or the academic responsible for your course.

Non-attendance and special arrangements during examinations

If absent during an exam, you must hand in a self-certification form stating why you could not attend. You can find the form on the examination website. No medical certification from a doctor is necessary.

Students entitled to extra time during school exams due to special needs, are entitled to the same amount of extra time if the school exam is converted into a home examination.

Oral examinations in Zoom

Digital oral exams will take place in Zoom.Examiners will be in Zoom together with you.

See here for how to download Zoom.

Checklist for oral exams in Zoom

  • The subject teacher will create and share s a link to the meeting in Zoom. You must have access to this link.
  • You must test the camera and microphone well in advance of the oral exam.
  • The microphone should be able to reproduce sound of good quality (tip: headset is an advantage).
  • Your camera on your PC/ Mac must be turned on during the exam.
  • Your room and face must be well lit. The surroundings must be calm so that the exam is not disturbed.
  • You must show valid photo ID to the examiners.
  • You can be instructed by the sensor to show your hands for the camera (tip: sit some distance away from the camera).
  • You may have to wait for your turn, you will then be placed in a waiting room in Zoom. You will also be placed in the waiting room while examiners discuss your grade.
  • If there is a technical problem that prevents you from completing the exam, the academic responsible will invite you to a new exam at a new time.


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