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I received my PhD in Economics at Ben Gurion University in Israel under the supervision of Prof. Aner Sela and Prof. Oscar Volij. Between 2015-2018 I was a post-doctoral fellow at the Swiss Institute for Empirical Economic Research (SEW) chaired by Prof. Dr. Michael Lechner at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

My main research interests are sports economics, contest theory behavioral economics and operational research. In my research I have used theoretical and empirical approaches. My area of theoretical research involves modelling of multi-stage contests by means of winner-take-all models in general and all-pay structures in particular.

Based on my knowledge on contest theory, I empirically test some theoretical predictions about human’s behavior in high stakes situations in real tournament settings. I am also very interested in studying organizational issues in tournaments such as the effect of scheduling on performance.

I have used different sports to study human’s behavior. In particular in my empirical studies I have used data on soccer, biathlon, judo, tennis, wrestling, gymnastics, ski jumping and others.

I have used sports related research questions in all my papers that were published in journals like European Journal of Operational ResearchEuropean Economic Review, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Law Economics and Organization, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental EconomicsJournal of Economic Psychology, Social Choice and Welfare, Theory and Decision, Judgment and Decision Making, Journal of Sports Economics and European Sport Management Quarterly.

In addition, I serve as an associate editor in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

In 2014, I was awarded as a "Winner of the 2014 Wingate Congress of Exercise and Sport Sciences Young Researcher's Award". In addition, I won a competitive International Postdoctoral Fellowship of the University of St. Gallen (approx. 300,000 CHF). Finally, several of my studies were covered by international media (Times, Harvard Business Review, ABC News, BBC, Daily Mail, Yahoo, etc…).

You can find an additional information on my website.



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  • Krumer, Alex; Megidish, Reut & Sela, Aner (2019). The optimal design of round-robin tournaments with three players. Journal of Scheduling.  ISSN 1094-6136.  23(3), s 379- 396 . doi: 10.1007/s10951-019-00624-8 Show summary
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