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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Anagnostopoulos, Christos Associate Professor +4771195823 Christos.Anagnostopoulos@himolde.no Sport Management
Picture of Kari Elisabeth Bachmann Bachmann, Kari Elisabeth Dean +4771214277 99322593 Kari.Bachmann@himolde.no
Picture of Dag Erik Berg Berg, Dag Erik Associate Professor +4771195850 dag.e.berg@himolde.no
Berge, Dag Magne Associate Professor +4771214296 Dag.M.Berge@hiMolde.no
Picture of Ove Bjarnar Bjarnar, Ove Professor emeritus +4771214034 Ove.Bjarnar@himolde.no
Borvik, Bjørnar Professor II +4771195781 Bjornar.Borvik@himolde.no
Picture of Linda Yvonne Bøyum-Folkeseth Bøyum-Folkeseth, Linda Yvonne Assistant Professor +4771214256 95220664 linda.y.boyum-folkeseth@himolde.no
Bøyum-Folkeseth, Odd Anders Associate Professor +4771214237 Odd.A.Boyum-Folkeseth@hiMolde.no
Claes, Dag Harald Professor II Dag.H.Claes@himolde.no
Di Mattia, Alessandro Edoardo Giorgio David Stipendiat ØS +4771195934 alessandro1.e.g.d.di.mattia@himolde.no
Picture of Harald Klaus Dolles Dolles, Harald Klaus Professor +4771214085 harald.k.dolles@himolde.no Sport Management
Picture of Inger Cecilie Frisvoll Frisvoll, Inger Cecilie Stipendiat ØS +4771214268 Inger.Cecilie.Frisvoll@himolde.no
Picture of Hallgeir Gammelsæter Gammelsæter, Hallgeir Professor +4771214201 +4791553738 Hallgeir.Gammelsater@hiMolde.no Sport Management
Gjerde, Ingunn Associate Professor +4771214209 Ingunn.Gjerde@hiMolde.no
Glærum, Marianne Assistant Professor +4771195906 marianne.glarum@himolde.no
Gussiås, Ole Erik Assistant Professor +4771195963 ole.e.gussias@himolde.no
Picture of Bjørn Guvåg Guvåg, Bjørn Professor emeritus +4771214214 Bjorn.Guvag@hiMolde.no
Picture of Lise Lillebrygfjeld Halse Halse, Lise Lillebrygfjeld Professorstipendiat +4771214267 Lise.L.Halse@himolde.no Innovation Management, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Clusters
Picture of Kjetil Kåre Haugen Haugen, Kjetil Kåre Professor +4771214255 +4799456006 kjetil.k.haugen@himolde.no Sport Management
Picture of Knut Peder Heen Heen, Knut Peder Associate Professor +4771195814 Knut.P.Heen@himolde.no
Hegdal, Kari Larna Assistant Professor +4771195901 kari.l.hegdal@himolde.no
Herskedal, Kjell Marius Associate Professor +4771214036 Kjell.M.Herskedal@hiMolde.no Sport Management
Picture of Heidi Hogset Hogset, Heidi Associate Professor +4771214229 Heidi.Hogset@hiMolde.no
Hungnes, Tonje Associate Professor +4771214269 Tonje.Hungnes@himolde.no
Picture of Beinta I Jakupsstovu Jakupsstovu, Beinta I Professor emerita +4771214208 beinta.i.jakupsstovu@himolde.no