LOG904 Seminars in Logistics

Students can only choose one seminar per week.  Deadline for assigning the seminar is on Thursdays, the week before the seminar. Note: Mandatory attendance for the whole week for each seminar.  

Autumn 2021

Week Field Code Seminar Lecturer
33 SCM 151 Disaster Relief Operations Management: A case study Approach Jamie Rundle
33 SCM / IS 167 Blockchain in Supply chain Nikhil Varma
34 LA 131 Applied dynamic and stochastic programming for logistics Pavel Popela
34 SCM/IS/ TRA/SEL 169 Business to Business Marketing   Natasha Evers
35 LA 126 Decision Modeling and Metaheuristics Rafa Marti
35 IS 171 Robotic process automation Arild Samuelsen Tømmervåg / Bjørn Jæger
35 SCM 110 Integrated logistics and operations: Learning through games Glen Schmidt
36 LA/SEL/SCM 116 Offshore Upstream Logistics Irina Gribkovskaia
36 SCM 140 Service Industry logistics Ana Lucia Martins
36 GEN 148 Stated preference methods- experimental design  Edoardo Marcucci
37 GEN 150 Stated preferences methods- discrete choice modelling  Edoardo Marcucci
37 SCM 161 Digital Service Design Alessio Malizia
37 LA 162 Applications of scheduling and timetabling Celso Ribeiro
38 TRA 109 Measuring and Managing Performance in Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chains Photis Panayides
38 SCM/LA/SEL 114 Game theory Katerina Shaton
38 LA 159 Network flow models in logistics Mohamed Haouari
39 LA/SEL 160 Integrated Downstream Petroleum Logistics Paulo Ribas + Irina Gribkovskaia
39 SCM 172 Contract and commercial management (CCM) René Franz Henschel 
40 LA 127 Last Mile Delivery: Data Analysis and Models Jaume Barcelo
40 IS/LA 164 Information Technology (IT) Strategy and Governance Alok Mishra
40 SCM/TRA 173 Introduction to time series analysis Tassew Dufera Tolcha
41 SEL/SCM 149 Arctic Logistics Irina Gribkovskaia 
41 SCM 157 Quality Management Lawrence D. Fredendall
41 TRA 177 Cases in Transport Economics Svein Bråthen
42 MAND 101 Research Design Berit Irene Helgheim
43 TRA 130 Port logistics Harilaos Psaraftis
43 SCM 174 Decision making and incentives in competitive environments Alex Krumer
43 SCM/LA/SEL 175 The role of logistics in the European ambition of zero emissions by 2050: Physical internet. Yury Redutskiy
44 GEN 124 Productivity analysis James Odeck
44 LA 165 Models in Dynamic Lot Sizing Erik Langelo
45 IS/GEN 166 Supply Chain Visibility with RFID and IoT technologies Bjørn Jæger
45 GEN 170 Complex network analysis with R Falko Müller
45 TRA 176 Transport law, insurance and incoterms Christian Lien
46 TRA 125 Transportation Infrastructure and Economic Development James Laird
46 SCM 158 A Circular Economy for Business and Supply Chains Nina Pereira Kvadsheim
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