Molde University College Launches University-Wide Publishing Program With Publication Academy


MOLDE, Norway, May 2, 2022

Molde University College (MUC) has launched an innovative, university-wide training program aimed at increasing faculty and students' advanced academic writing and publishing skillsets. The 2022-2023 MUC Publishing Course is being offered in partnership with Publication Academy, the premiere online learning suite used in over 25 countries by professionals seeking to become thought leaders by expanding their skills in academic writing, technical communication, and grant writing. Taught by world-renowned publishing experts from prominent institutions including Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge, each Publication Academy program is carefully designed to meet best practices in eLearning and journalology, resulting in curricula proven to increase scholarly productivity across professions and cultural backgrounds. 

The Founder and CEO of Publication Academy is Professor Jay P. Singh, a former faculty member at MUC

Publication Academy's evidence-based hybrid curriculum at MUC will be comprised of a combination of over 130 hours of video-based On-Demand modules and monthly live webinar sessions to provide participants with group-based coaching as well as to collaboratively track their production goals. This year-long, comprehensive program will train faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students to write winning grant proposals as well as to successfully publish more of their research findings through academic publications (peer-reviewed journal articles, edited book chapters, conference presentations) and technical communications (social media and blog posts, digital newsletters, podcasts, press releases, and more).

According to Prorector Jeanette Varpen Unhjem, "We are looking forward to this exciting new publishing program, which we believe will be both inspiring and a great learning experience for our faculty and students. We expect it to increase the number of publications and grant applications, as well as contribute to amplifying Molde University College's reputation as an innovative and progressive institution of higher education."

The Founder and CEO of Publication Academy is Professor Jay P. Singh, a former faculty member at MUC who was named "Norway's Youngest Professor" in 2014. Singh, who often speaks of the influence that his mentorship by Professor Stål Bjørkly had on launching his career, stated: "It is with pleasure that we are launching this program for the outstanding thought leaders of MUC in honor of the lifetime of international academic excellence demonstrated by Professor Bjørkly. The support of this community played a fundamental role in my professional development, and it is my hope that this program will help do the same for the next generation of scholars."

About Publication Academy Inc.

The mission of Publication Academy Inc. is to transform the "Ivory Tower" of publishing research by providing equal and affordable access to the most in-demand and advanced skillsets in academic and technical writing, levelling the playing field and bringing parity to historically underrepresented groups across disciplines. Using evidence-based best practices in e-learning and a template-based pedagogy, Publication Academy's groundbreaking online training platform has been found to double institutional publication rates over two years, multiplying the number of international thought leaders winning grants and publishing research that benefits our communities and improves our collective future. Press contact:

Source: Publication Academy Inc.

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