As a student of Molde University College you may use the library's services, even off-campus.

How to get access off-campus: Remote desktop or VPN.

ABI/INFORM Global - Economics, marketing, logistics ​

AMED - Alternative medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, palliative care, logopedics and rehabilitation.

ATEKST - [Norwegian] Text archive from Norwegian newspapers and media.

Brønnøysundregistrene - [Norwegian] Enterprise information - free version

CINAHL - Bibliographic database The world’s largest source of full text for nursing and allied health journals.

Clarify - a dictionary. NB! Unsubscribed from 2021. As an alternative the software Clue is provided by the university college and can be found in the software center. 

Cochrane Library - A collection of databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.

Cristin- Current research information system in Norway.

Ebook Central ProQuest - E-books in full text.

EBSCO eBook Collection - E-books in full text.

Electronic journals at HiMolde - List over available journals (and a few e-books)

Elgar online - ​E-books on transport and logistics, also sports.

Embase - is a biomedical database that focuses on drugs and pharmacology, medical devices, clinical medicine, and basic science relevant to clinical medicine. Especially strong coverage on drug trials.

Emerald - Operations, Logistics & Quality - Journals in full text - several disciplines, including logistics.

Idunn - [Norwegian] Digital platform of journals and e-books from the publisher Universitetsforlaget.

International Encyclopedia of Transportation - A digital reference work containing almost 600 articles related to the subject of transport.

Journals@OVID Full text - Collection of medical journals in full text.

Juridika - Commentaries on the law and juridical journals from the publisher Universitetsforlaget. NB!  Choose  [Login] -> [Logg inn med IP]

Lloyds list - Shipping (please contact the library for access)

Lovdata Pro - [Norwegian] Norwegian juridical sources, laws and regulations. Log in using Feide.

MEDLINE - Contains journal citations and abstracts for biomedical literature from around the world. 

Norart - [Norwegian] References to Norwegian journal articles. Some entries linked to full text.

OECD iLibrary - Books and journals from OECD in full text. Mainly in the subject of transport, but some titles are also available from a wide range of different subjects. 

Oria -  is a search engine that allows you to search the library’s resources, books, articles, journals and online resources etc. Log on with your HiMolde username (student number) and password to order loans or copies of documents.

OVID Nursing - Bibliographic information to journal articles on nursing and related health topics.

Proff Forvalt -  [Norwegian] Business information.

PsycINFO - A comprehensive international database of psychology that includes relevant materials from related disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry, education, social work, law, criminology, social science, and organizational behavior.

Sage Journals - Journals covering a wide range of different subjects

ScienceDirect - Journals in full text - all subjects. (FYI: Norway and Elsevier agree on pilot national licence for research access and publishing)

Social Science Database - Journals in full text and bibliographic information. Social sciences.

SP Shipbase - Norwegian shipping database. (Please contact the library for access).

SPORTDiscus - Journals in full text, books etc. in sports, health, excercise, sports medicine.

Springer Link - Journals and books in full text - all subjects.

Taylor & Francis eBooks - E-books in full text.

Taylor & Francis e-Journals - Journals covering a wide range of different subjects

TITLON - Database with financial data for the period 1980-2020 from Oslo Stock Exchange. The Database will not get updated with new data after the year 2020.

TradeWinds - Newspaper  (Please contact the library for access).

Transport (Ovid) - References and abstracts to transport-related literature. Journal articles, conferences and reports.

TRID Online - References and abstracts to transport-related literature. TRIS & ITRD databases, USA.

VAR Healthcare - ​[Norwegian] Procedures for the health services.

Wiley Online Library - Journals (and some e-books) in full text - all subjects.