Interprofessional collaboration in practice and education

This research group is a forum for researchers with an interest in developing research-based knowledge about interprofessional collaboration in areas that are relevant to health and social work. The group is one of two research groups that have been established to support the joint doctoral program between Molde University College and Volda University College: a Ph.D. in Health and Social Care. 

Research group leader

Atle Ødegård E-mail: Phone: +4771214014


The focal point of the group is to develop research-based knowledge that is relevant for research, education, dissemination and practice. The group intends to support the members in, for example, project development, research partners, obtaining funds, carrying out projects and publishing.



The group meets four days a year and when needed (ad hoc). The meetings focus on building research expertise, contributing to research and dissemination of research. Professional discussions that support national and international research publications are particularly emphasized.

The seminars focus on presentation of and response to members' written work at various stages of the research process. This extends from the presentation of research ideas, via response to theoretical angles and analysis strategy, to papers that will soon be completed.


Main research areas

Interprofessional collaboration research in practice (children, youth, adults and elderly) in various settings such as mental health, addiction, institutions, and so forth.

Interprofessional collaboration in education, focusing on students’ and teachers’ perceptions regarding collaboration and activities relevant to practice.


Published Apr. 8, 2019 2:53 PM - Last modified Apr. 8, 2019 2:53 PM