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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Bergsvik, Gunn Harriet Dahle Senior Adviser +4771214046
Brakstad, Ragnhild Oddrun Ekren Senior Adviser +4771214108
Engeli, May Christin Adviser +4771214171
Picture of Marion Furseth Furseth, Marion Higher Executive Officer +4771195820
Picture of Svein Ivar Halvorsen Halvorsen, Svein Ivar Senior Adviser +4771214115
Haugros, Sigrid Adviser +4771195956
Hægbostad, Nina Adviser +4771214116
Picture of Lena Håre Håre, Lena Senior Adviser +4771214122
Kjærvik, Thea Adviser +4771195967
Kvam, May Britt Adviser +4771195739
Picture of Bente Brevik Lindset Lindset, Bente Brevik Higher Executive Officer +4771214117
Picture of Torunn Lervåg Linnes Linnes, Torunn Lervåg Higher Executive Officer +4771214042
Muren, Ann Helen Adviser +4771214111
Picture of Anette Kristin Myrstad Myrstad, Anette Kristin Senior Adviser +4771214105
Picture of Øystein Nerland Nerland, Øystein Teamleder opptak +4771214131
Pettersen, Laila Bekken Higher Executive Officer +4771195869
Rypdal, Marte Molnes Adviser +4771195968
Stavik, Bjørg Adviser +4771214123
Sætre, Irene Lange Higher Executive Officer +4771195780
Picture of Hild Meland Welle Welle, Hild Meland Adviser +4771195896 TimeEdit, Emweb, FS
Waagbø, Sissel Anne Director of Studies and Academic Affairs +4771214130 +4747417891
Aakre, Iselin Therese Higher Executive Officer +4771195797