Programme structure (2022–2023)

Study information

The Exchange programme - Master's level is aiming at offering international students an opportunity to integrate one or two semesters, i.e. 30 or 60 ECTS credits, into their own studies at home. The courses offered are part of our Master's programmes in Logistics and Informatics.

Students are free to combine the courses offered under this programme, but it is the responsibility of each exchange student to make sure the combination is approved by their sending institution through a signed learning agreement (if applicable). A full term/semester should comprise courses totaling at least 30 credits, and equivalently a full academic year must comprise at least 60 credits.

Organisation and learning

Most classes are taught over a full semester/term. A typical course will have between 2 and 6 lecture hours per week, and may have additional group work and assignments/course work. The assessment will partly be based on compulsory coursework and exams. All grades are either passed/not passed or ECTS letter grades (A through F).

Study model

Autumn 2022

Available courses in the autumn semester:

Available courses in the autumn semester

Seminars in logistics - ISU-M

Spring 2023

Available courses in the spring semester:

Available courses in the spring semester

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