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Welcome to the Master Programmes in Logistics at Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics, a leading academic institution within Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Operation Management.

Important Dates

20 November, 2020

30 November, 2020

Due date for selecting proposal topic

Due date for submitting master proposal





Whom to contact about the programmes


Academic Programme Coordinator/ Professor
Arild Hoff

"Hope you enjoy the stay during your studies"


Acting Dean / Professor
Judith Molka-Danielsen

"A completed Master Program in Logistics will qualify for interesting jobs in a vast number of industries."


Whom to contact about admission, exchange ...


Senior Adviser/International Coordinator  MSc
Ragnhild Brakstad

Administrative Contact Person, international MSc degree applicants 


Senior Adviser/International Coordinator
​Myrstad Anette Kristin

Places to go: Exchange universities