Steinar Kristoffersen

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Rektor - Professor
+47 926 69831


  • Valgt rektor ved Høgskolen i Molde (august 2017-juli 2019)
  • Førsteamanuensis i logistikk


  • Interaksjonsdesign, UX, HCI
  • Samarbeids- og konferansesystemer, multimedia (CSCW)
  • Mobile computing
  • Formell modellering, programmering i Maude og Python
  • Ethnography, action research, ethnomethodology
  • Datamodellering, systemdesign 

Tidligere stillinger


About myself: Brief Biography in English

My current position is as rector (vice chancellor) at Molde University College, Specialized University of Logistics (MUC), which offers programs in Logistics, Economics and Business Administration, Management, Sports Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Care.

I came to Molde University College from Møreforsking Molde AS (MFM), which is an applied research institute. I have also previously worked at the Norwegian Computing Centre, several start-ups and as an independent consultant/researcher in the e-Health and e-Business areas.

I have now been living and working in Molde for almost nine years, a year and a half as rector and 3 years before that as senior lecturer (1. amanuensis) of logistics and supply chain management. I was a research scientist at MFM for 4 years, partly in parallel with being a full professor of Applied Informatics at Østfold University between 2007 and 2014.  

My background from academics can be summarized as follows: 

  • Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil/PhD) in software engineering from Lancaster University,
  • Post doc at Oslo University, Informatics department, for three years.
  • Subsequent and additional publications which in total were evaluated to be at the level of Docent at Gøteborg Business School and

Returning to academic work from applied research at MFM, I ended up pursuing Logistics and supply chain management, since at the time Molde University College did not have an IT/informatics program. 

At MFM as well as at Molde University College, I have worked extensively with cases and customer driven projects (action research), some examples of which can be found here, together with previous project experiences:

Some previous project experiences

  • DeVID: A big data and data science project with 60 partners from the power grid and electricity trade, in which we investigate and prototyped value-adding services and advanced metrics for consumers and utilities.
  • PowerUp: The optimization of logistics for the sustainable energy industry, especially off-shore wind power plants.
  • LIFT: Supplier development networking for the oil and gas industry.
  • A trade network project, in which I was the project manager, chief architect and design and operations manager. We developed a matchmaking system for suppliers and contractors in the oil and gas industry:
  • Offshore steel structures machine learning and big data: This is currently an ongoing project, in which we use machine learning (with Tensorflow as the toolbox/programming language) to process images from several tens of thousands pictures of welding seams and steel frames, drums and offshore installations, to detect corrosion and compromised structures.
  • The ProtoMORE lab diary, a machine learning/expert system for detecting matching patents pending and academic papers published about innovation ideas as they are being developed in ongoing design science workshops.
  • Research projects in energy and emissions trading, smart grid and smart cities, for NCE Smart Energy Markets (ongoing)
  • Research project related to the site design, assembly and transportation of offshore wind power facilities (ongoing)
  • Participation and co-authorship of the quality assurance stept 1 project related to the massive investment in ICT-technologies and systems in order to modernize and reform NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration): “Kvalitetssikring fase 1 (KS1 – Konseptvalg) av Modernisering av IKT i NAV” (2011).
  • Knowledge – document management project for several companies in the maritime cluster (2010-2012):
    • Novomar, now Metizoft
    • Ulstein Verft
    • Rolls-Royce Maritime
  • Part of the negotiation team for the merger of Novomar and Metizoft AS.
  • Project management and implementation projects for X2X Maritime Management (2010)
  • Designer and developer of an integration engine for Clinsoft AS (2006-2007)
  • Responsible for the due diligence process re. methods, documentation and QA of Mobile Media Company (2004)
  • Responsible for developing the handbook of software engineering for Mobile Media Company (2004)
  • Architect, designer and programmer on two projects for Branova AS, creating solutions for the airline industry. The platform was Oracle Application Server and Java J2EE (2004-2006).
  • Project coordinator for Newmad’s contribution to the NORMANS project, which aimed to offer a modern, completely digitized set of equipment for the next generation Norwegian Defence, for Thales Communication Norway, and FFI (the Research Establishment of the Norwegian Defence) (2002-2003).
  • Project coordinator for a product development effort for real-time sound streaming project on the Ericsson R380s for a Norwegian Customer (The Mobile Media Company)) (2001-2002).
  • Project manager for large team (ca. 20) developing a mobile multimedia application and services on Ericsson’s “Communicator” platform (EPOC32 ER6u) for a Norwegian Customer (The Mobile Media Company)) (1999-2000).





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Se alle arbeider i Cristin

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