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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Andestad, Tore Assistant Professor Tore.Andestad@hiMolde.no
Angel, Sanne Professor Sanne.Angel@himolde.no
Picture of Sanne Angel Angel, Sanne Professor Sanne.Angel@himolde.no
Bachmann, Liv Senior Lecturer +4771214092 45662003 Liv.Bachmann@himolde.no
Picture of Hege Bakken Bakken, Hege Assistant Professor +4771214037 Hege.Bakken@hiMolde.no
Picture of Ole Kristian Hoemsnes Berg Berg, Ole Kristian Hoemsnes Associate Professor +4771195771 Ole.K.H.Berg@himolde.no Exercise physiology, Oxygen transport, Neuromuskular, Clinical trials
Picture of Inger Elisabeth Bergum Bergum, Inger Elisabeth Assistant Professor +4771214259 Inger.E.Bergum@hiMolde.no
Bjørkly, Stål Kapstø Professor +4771214012 Stal.Bjorkly@hiMolde.no
Botslangen, Anne Madeleine Associate Professor +4771214043 Anne.Botslangen@hiMolde.no
Brask, Ole David Senior Lecturer +4771214047 Ole.D.Brask@hiMolde.no
Bromstad, Thrine Marie Nøst University College Teacher +4771214247 thrine.m.n.bromstad@himolde.no
Bøhle, Kari Doctoral Research Fellow +4771195829 Kari.Bohle@himolde.no
Chan, Garrett Associate Professor II Garrett.Chan@himolde.no
Dale, Karl Yngvar Associate Professor +4771214057 Karl.Y.Dale@himolde.no
Picture of Trude Fløystad Eines Eines, Trude Fløystad Associate Professor +4771214075 Trude.F.Eines@hiMolde.no
Ekeland, Tor-Johan Professor II Tor-Johan.Ekeland@himolde.no
Fillingsnes, Anne-Berit Assistant Professor +4771214028 Anne.B.Fillingsnes@himolde.no
Fluttert, Frans Associate Professor II Frans.Fluttert@himolde.no
Grønvik, Cecilie Katrine Utheim Senior Lecturer +4771214072 99410689 Cecilie.Gronvik@hiMolde.no
Gutteberg, Anne Assistant Professor +4771195761 Anne.Gutteberg@hiMolde.no
Hauge, Kari Johanne Westad Senior Lecturer +4771214033 Kari.J.Hauge@hiMolde.no
Hauvik, Stine Assistant Professor +4771214035 Stine.Hauvik@himolde.no
Picture of Tone Hegdal Hegdal, Tone Assistant Professor +4771214024 Tone.Hegdal@hiMolde.no
Heggdal, Wenche Mongstad Assistant Professor +4771214020 90629866 Wenche.M.Heggdal@hiMolde.no
Picture of Helene Hoemsnes Hoemsnes, Helene Assistant Professor +4771214207 Helene.Hoemsnes@hiMolde.no