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Planning, Optimization and Decision Support

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The group performs research on quantitative methods with applications in planning and decision support. Organizations are faced with increasingly complex and challenging decisions, and have access to an increasing amount of data. Many decisions that have traditionally been made manually, can now be analyzed efficiently with the help of mathematical models and computerized calculations. 

Research group leader

Lars Magnus Hvattum picture Lars Magnus Hvattum E-mail: Phone: +4771214223

The research group coordinates activities within planning, optimization, and decision support at Molde University College. The goal of the research is to facilitate decision makers in using automated calculations to support decisions and planning activities, at a strategic, as well as at a tactical and an operational level.

Among the methods used, the main focus of the group is on optimization techniques, and research is performed on methods and implementations that can be used to solve a wide variety of optimization problems. Examples of applications include vehicle routing and ship routing, hub localization, production planning, and emergency preparedness planning. The group also has a focus on problems where the treatment of uncertainty plays an integral role, as well as on multi-criterion problems.

The optimization methods used ranges from classical heuristics and metaheuristics to exact methods. In addition to optimization methods, the group has competence within simulation and the use of econometric models.

The group cooperates closely with other research groups in Norway, as well as internationally with groups in Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, and the US.


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