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Digital school examination

The webpage is only for students having a school exam on Campus. If you need to prepare for a home exam in Inspera: 

Need to know about home examinations

You must bring your own laptop to the exam. In additional to being connected to Eduroam, you must have downloaded the software Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to your laptop.

The machine must have the correct operativ system innstalled. If not, you must conduct the exam with pen and paper. 

Login Inspera

Prepare for exams

1. Keep your machine updated

For Mac users: You must have installed at least version 10.12 operative system for Mac, Earlier versions are not compatible with Inspera. If you have not updated your machine, you must write your exam with pen and paper. Mac users must have Safe Exam Browser version 2.1.3 installed.

2. Feide - Username and password

Make sure you remember your Feide username and password before coming to the exam.

3. Connect your computer to Eduroam

Make sure that your laptop can connect to the wireless network Eduroam at campus.

4. Download the Safe Exam Browser (SEB)

  • Log on to Inspera
  • Select the tab Demo tests, and then the test "Demo-test. Passord/password Demo1111".
  • Scroll down the page and select the Download button for Safe exam browser.
  • Especially for Mac: Open the dmg file. Drag and drop the SEB from Downloads to Applications.

Note that you must have local admin rights to install SEB on your laptop.

Take a demo exam

Familiarise yourself with the interface and the various examination types in Inspera. It is especially important to try out the text editor with a functionality for charts and drawing tools.

  • Log on to Inspera
  • Select the tab Demo tests, and then the test "Demo-test. Passord/password Demo1111"
  • Choose the button  "Start test in Safe Exam Browser"
  • Password to start the SEB demo exam: Demo1111

Keep in mind during the examination day

  • Always meet 30 minuters before the exam and bring a prepared PC/Mac included charger.

  • Mobile phones must be turned off  and placed away from your desk during the examination

  • Note that wireless mouse and keyboard cannot be used during the exam.

  • More information on exam regulations.

Can I borrow a PC?

Students at HiMolde are required to have access to a laptop PC/Mac to be used in class and during digital exams. You can therefore not apply to borrow a machine on the grounds that you do not own a PC/Mac. Students who forget to bring a PC/Mac to the exam, must answer the exam using pen and paper.

Should something happen to your machine after the exam have begun, you will receive technical assistance and if necessary borrow a machine. Any time lost due to technical problems after the exam has begun, will be added to the total time of your exam.

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