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Special arrangements, illness and withdrawal during exams

Examination with special arrangements

You can apply for special arrangements during an exam due to medical or other significant reasons. You must apply within the following dates:

  • 1 October in the autumn semester
  • 1 March in the spring semester.

You can send in an application form after the deadline if you experience a new condition.

Download application form (64KB) docx

The need for special arrangements must be documented by a medical certificate or statement from another expert. The application is to be handed in at the Studentservice desk or sent by regular mail. 

Examples of special arrangements:

  • Additional time on school exams and home examinations under 12 hours. You will normally receive one additional hour for exams of five or six hours, additional 30 minutes for exams of three and four hours, 15 minutes for two hours exam and 10 minutes for an one hour exam.
  • The use of a PC with the text editor and text speaker Lingdys.
  • Adjustable chair or table.
  • Examination in a room with fewer students.
  • The use of a pen and paper on digital exams.
  • Exams other places than the locations of HiMolde.

You can also apply for arrangements other than the ones on the list above.

Students who attend a course that is not taught in their mother tongue, are given the possibility to use bilingual dictionaries at written examinations. The dictionary has to be in print and in the original binding.

Facilitation of studies for students with disabilities

Illness and withdrawal during exams

Due to the Corona virus, students are exempt from sending in a medical statement to get a valid absence on their exam. However, you must send in a self-certification form to register as absent. Students must be registered for the original exam and send in a self-certication form (or a medical statement) to be eligible to sign up for the retake exam.

The medical statement or the self-certication form must be delivered within one week after the exam.

  • A medical statement or a self-certifcation will give you a legitimate absence on your exam. This exam will not count as an attempt. You will have the right to sign up for the resit exam.
  • Without a medical statement or without sending in a self-certication form, the exam will count as one attempt.  You will not have the right to sign up for the resit exam and must wait for the next regular exam. You must redo any course work requirements.
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