Examination rules for examination candidates

1) It is assumed that candidates taking examinations know the laws, guidelines and regulations concerning the administration of examinations. This information can be found here
             a) Laws pertaining to universities and university colleges (PDF).
             b) Guidelines pertaining to examinations at Molde University College.
             c) Examination rules for examination candidates.

Candidates who do not abide by the laws, guidelines and regulations can be excluded from the examination.
The exam will take place in locations decided by  the Office of Studies and Academic Affairs at HiMolde. See Studentweb for where you will sit during the exam.

2) The time of the examination and the use of authorized supporting materials will be announced before the examination on StudenWeb, in the course description and the syllabus.

3) A candidate will not be allowed to take the examination without showing valid student identification or other valid  proof of identification. Students must provide valid student identification to the monitor .

4) Candidates must be present at 08.30 in the examination room. If you arrive after 09.00 you will not be allowed to enter the examination room, and you will have to confer with the Office of Studies and Academic Affairs to be permitted to enter the room. Candidates are not allowed to leave the room before 30 minutes after the examination paper has been handed out.

5) Students using religious head ware are included in routines for control to avoid the use of illegal support material during examinations. This control will be made in the Faculty Administration before the exam starts, at each exam. Students who don't meet in time for the control will be controlled during the exam. The exam time will not be extended. 

6) Candidates can only have paper, pens/pencils, authorized supporting materials such as a dictionary etc., and food on their desks. Everything else should be stored in the place provided. Candidates are not allowed to buy food in the canteen during the exam.

7) Mobile telephones and other wireless equipment must be switched off and be placed in the designated area in the examination room. Wristwatches must be taken off and placed out of reach together with bags, mobile phones and clothing.

8) Nothing must be written before the examination begins.

9) It is the responsibility of all candidates to remain quiet after the examination papers has been handed out. Candidates must not communicate with each other and all inquiries should be made to the monitors. A candidate can only leave his/her place during the examination if accompanied by a monitor. A monitor can only escort one candidate at a time from the room, even though the candidates may be taking examinations in different subjects.

10) Cheating, or suspected cheating, will be reported to the Faculty by those responsible for examinations. The monitors will secure all evidence of cheating.  The College will evaluate each case of cheating or suspected cheating.   

11) If a candidate wishes to withdraw from the examination, the request should be made in writing and signed by the candidate.

12) A candidate who is sick on the day of the examination, or becomes ill during the examination, must see a doctor. Documentation from a doctor must be submitted to the Office of Studies and Academic Affairs as soon as possible. Candidates who become ill during the examination should not hand in their examination answers. If the answer sheets are handed in, the answers will be evaluated and a doctor's statement cannot nullify the grade.

13) Answers to the examination are written on paper with a carbon copy. A blue or black ballpoint pen that produces a good carbon copy must be used. Do not lay another answer sheet on top of the one that has been completed because the writing will appear on all the carbon copies. Write the date, candidate number, course number page number on each answer sheet.

The two cover sheets must be completed with the date, candidate number, course number and total number of answer sheets. The work must stop when the examination period is over - no more writing is allowed. The answer is separated into three sets. The blue set belongs to the candidate. The white and yellow sets are separated and placed in separate cover sheets. Both cover sheets must be completed with date, candidate  number, course number and total number of answer sheets.

If a candidate does not manage to complete the final copy of the examination questions, the draft copy is not allowed as part of the answer. 

14) After the examination time has expired, the candidate must stop writing. Separating the carbon copy from the original and sorting can be continued up to 15 minutes after the ordinary examination time has ended. The candidate should notify the monitor when the examination has been completed. The candidate will remain seated until all the answer sheets are checked and the student identification has been returned. Once the answer sheets have been handed in they cannot be returned to the candidate.

15) Students at HiMolde are required to have access to a mobile PC/Mac to be used during digital exams. You should notify the monitor when you are ready to deliver the exam electronically. See here for more information on digital exams at HiMolde.



Published June 10, 2020 2:02 PM - Last modified June 11, 2020 1:17 PM