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Information for students regarding exams autumn 2021

Practical information for students about examination when exams cannot be arranged on campus.

The main rule autumn 2021 is that all exams are conducted as home examinations. Please see Studentweb to check the assessment form for your subject.

Previous exam questions sets and solutions

Special arrangements, illness and withdrawal during exams

What to do if you need special arrangements or fall ill during exams.  

Regulations, cheating and plagiarism

Make yourself familiar about rules and regulations for assignments and school exams. You may experience severe consequences by not following these regulations.

Writing and handing in an assignment

Important information on how to create, write and hand in home exams and your master thesis.

Exam results

  • Explanation of grades
  • Appeals on grades
  • Complaints about procedural errors during examination

New and retake examination

You may be eligible to resit an exam.

Semester fee and registration

You must register, pay your semester fee and pass any coursework requirements to be eligible for exams. Make yourself familiar with important deadlines.

Digital school examination on campus

Prepare your PC or Mac laptop for a digital school exam on campus.

Information for lecturers and graders

Important information regarding examinations autumn semester 2021.