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GPO - Globale utfordringer, politikk og organisasjon

The research group is focused on questions relating to globalization and how an increasingly interconnected world generates processes of relevance to law, politics, identity and organization. The global perspective is essential for addressing contemporary challenges such as sustainability and inequality. The group seeks to study how the Sustainable Development Goals are put into practice and applied in organizations and planning, as well as how capitalism, ideology and technology shape social and political practices today. In addition, globalization and contemporary transformations have implications for citizenship and borders, and the group will address the intersections of law, public policy, hegemony and identities and how they evolve in this context. Seeking to develop interdisciplinary dialogue with local, national and international scholars, the group represents a platform for developing new questions and a critical approach to global processes.


Dag Erik Berg picture Dag Erik Berg E-post: dag.e.berg@himolde.no Telefon: +4771195850

Key activities include:




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