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Sport Management Research Group

The Sport Management research group consist of researchers with an interest in management related issues within the sport context. 


Alexander Krumer picture Alexander Krumer E-post: Alex.Krumer@himolde.no Telefon: +4771195746

Sport Management is a research group within the Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences aiming to develop and publish knowledge relevant to sport organizations and the sports industry. 

The group members represent a broad scope of research methods and interest.   

Our research areas:

  • Society and organizations 
  • Structures, institutions, policies and politics
  • Human resource management
  • Leader succession and effectiveness
  • Organizational behavior and strategic management
  • Sport for development and peace
  • Sport and inclusion
  • Events
  • Volunteering in sports organizations
  • Tourism
  • Sports as a business
  • Economics, game theory and finance
  • Marketing and sponsorship

Ongoing research projects:

  • ERASMUS + Play the Game's European sports governance project
  • ERASMUS + GETZ project
  • Sport and Inclusion project
  • Too young to ride?

Cooperating partners:

Research funding

The research is funded by Molde University College, various contract research and Erasmus +.


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