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Persons 126 - 150 of 248
Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne Margrethe Løvold Løvold, Anne Margrethe Head Engineer +4771214173 +4790080266
Malones, Bente Dale Assistant Professor +4771214251
Picture of Edoardo Marcucci Marcucci, Edoardo Professor +4771214221
Picture of Eva Skov Meese Meese, Eva Skov Assistant Professor +4771214044
Melbye, Marita Christina Susanne Assistant Professor +4771195859 986 90 611
Picture of Steinar Melsæter Melsæter, Steinar Senioringeniør +4771214177 41574958
Michaelsen, Ragnhild Karen Astad Senior Lecturer +4771214038
Milanés Barrientos, Anolan Yamilé Associate Professor +4771195844
Picture of Mona Moldal Moldal, Mona Higher Executive Officer +4771195774
Molka-Danielsen, Judith Ann Professor +4771214239
Picture of Elin Mordal Mordal, Elin Doctoral Research Fellow +4771214025
Picture of Qurban Ali Mukhtari Mukhtari, Qurban Ali Cleaner 96877955
Mundal, Ingunn Pernille Associate Professor +4771214039
Muren, Ann Helen Adviser +4771214111
Mwesiumo, Deodat Edward Associate Professor +4771195813 98821805
Picture of Kjellaug Klock Myklebust Myklebust, Kjellaug Klock Assistant Professor +4771195783
Müller, Falko Doctoral Research Fellow +4771214289 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Anette Kristin Myrstad Myrstad, Anette Kristin Senior Adviser +4771214105
Picture of Tove Myrvang Myrvang, Tove Assistant Professor +4771214019
Picture of Elfrid Oddny Måløy Måløy, Elfrid Oddny Assistant Professor +4771214067
Nepusz, Tamàs Associate Professor II
Picture of Sølve Mikal Krekvik Nerland Nerland, Sølve Mikal Krekvik Associate Professor +4771214298 41440863 Political Science, Organizational theory, Health Politics
Picture of Øystein Nerland Nerland, Øystein Teamleder opptak +4771214131
Nes, Renata Cleaning Operator
Niamcham, Vipavee Cleaner