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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Niamcham, Vipavee Cleaner
Nilsen, Anita Assistant Professor +4771195791 93449011
Picture of Grete Helen Notøy Notøy, Grete Helen Adviser +4771214216
Picture of Linda Anette Kornstad Nygård Nygård, Linda Anette Kornstad Doctoral Research Fellow +4771214076 47236255
Picture of Kristin Margreta Flydahl Næss Næss, Kristin Margreta Flydahl Assistant Professor +4771195764
Oddtrøen, Tove Margrethe Higher Executive Officer +4771214162
Ohren, Ottar Associate Professor +4771214225 922 67815
Olsen, Britt Mari Assistant Professor +4771214069
Picture of Kai A Olsen Olsen, Kai A Professor +4771214233
Olstad, Asmund Professor +4771214218
Opdal, Øivind University College Teacher +4771214258 40048134
Oppen, Johan Associate Professor II +4771214240 99628504
Orheim, Tove Head of Office +4771195833 46410074
Picture of Rolf Magnus Orø Orø, Rolf Magnus Senior Adviser +4771195799 91328049
Picture of Aud Jorun Orøy Orøy, Aud Jorun Associate Professor +4771214016
Picture of Geir Oterhals Oterhals, Geir Assistant Professor +4771214279
Panzer, Georg Inge Iversen Assistant Professor +4771214249
Pedersen, Lene Charlotte Senior Librarian +4771214165
Preuss, Holger Professor II
Rasmussen, Rasmus A Associate Professor Finance +4771214242
Picture of Yury Redutskiy Redutskiy, Yury Associate Professor +4771195794 71195794
Picture of Laila Solli Reitan Reitan, Laila Solli Assistant Professor +4771214257
Rekdal, Eddie Flatmo Senior Lecturer +4771214204
Picture of Per Kristian Rekdal Rekdal, Per Kristian Associate Professor +4771195777 +4792497051
Picture of Anne Marie Mork Rokstad Rokstad, Anne Marie Mork Professor +4771195786