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​About me

PhD research topic: "Strategic planning problems for smart solutions in oil and gas industry" (a paper-based thesis). Four papers have already been published, and one paper is accepted for publication. The thesis has been handed in for evaluation.

The papers describe the relevant characteristics of smart field solutions in the petroleum sector and apply the ideas behind this state-of-the-art approach to the real long-term industrial planning problems. The scope of these problems includes optimization of development and operations at a given oilfield, as well as planning the automated safety system for the hazardous industrial facilities the petroleum sector operates.  

Professional areas of interest: Optimization in technology. Mathematical modeling of complex processes and systems. Risk management. Industrial safety. Decision-making support approaches. Smart/Intelligent solutions. Smart oil and gas fields. Industry 4.0. Cyber-physical systems

Previous research and work experience includes: an IT specialist position, an engineering position at an oil and gas contractor company, an engineering and research position at Gubkin university (Russia), and a teaching assistant position at Gubkin University.

Teaching experience:

  • LOG733 "Exact Optimization Methods in Logistics" (full course, spring 2014)
  • LOG820 "Vehicle Routing" (⅓ of the course in spring 2015; and ⅓ in spring 2016)
  • LOG730 "Basics of Petroleum Logistics." Module "Introduction to Oil and Gas Technology" (autumn 2015; autumn 2016)
  • Seminar "Logistics in Petroleum Production" (autumn 2016)
  • "Avoiding plagiarism in students' reports, essays and other assignments" (one lecture session with training examples, autumn 2016)
  • master thesis supervision (2016-2017)
  • "Automation for technological processes and production facilities" (2011-2013, at Gubkin University)
  • "Integrated systems for project development and production control" (2012-2013, at Gubkin University)

Education background: bachelor's and baster's degrees in Automation and Control for technological processes and industrial facilities in the oil and gas sector, both gained at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University).

My profiles at research networks: Academia.edu and ResearchGate

 Publications from Cristin