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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Knut Peder Heen Heen, Knut Peder Associate Professor +4771195814
Picture of Tone Hegdal Hegdal, Tone Assistant Professor +4771214024
Heggdal, Wenche Mongstad Assistant Professor +4771214020 90629866
Picture of Berit Irene Helgheim Helgheim, Berit Irene Associate Professor +4771214261
Herskedal, Kjell Marius Associate Professor +4771214036 41441398
Hervik, Arild Professor +4771214246 +4795053487
Hestad, Jostein Head Engineer +4771214174 +4790156372
Picture of Harald Martin Hjelle Hjelle, Harald Martin Professor +4771214241 90987053 Transport economics, Logistics
Picture of Helene Hoemsnes Hoemsnes, Helene Assistant Professor +4771214207
Picture of Arild Hoff Hoff, Arild Professor +4771214202 91131410
Hoff, Helge Andreas Associate Professor II +4771195731
Picture of Heidi Hogset Hogset, Heidi Associate Professor +4771214229 93815900
Picture of Ingrid Johnsen Hogstad Hogstad, Ingrid Johnsen Doctoral Research Fellow +4771195824
Hol, Hege Bente Doctoral Research Fellow +4771214049
Picture of Johan Holmgren Holmgren, Johan Professor in Transport Economics +4771195810 Transport Economics, Transport demand, Mode choice, Transport pricing
Picture of Geir Johnny Huse Huse, Geir Johnny Technician +4771214126 41574956
Picture of Lars Magnus Hvattum Hvattum, Lars Magnus Professor +4771214223
Hægbostad, Nina Adviser +4771214116
Picture of Vera Wulff Høstmark Høstmark, Vera Wulff Senior Adviser +4771214163
Picture of Lena Håre Håre, Lena Adviser +4771214122
Picture of Heidi Viviann Haavardsen Haavardsen, Heidi Viviann Dean +4771214147 +4741573624
Picture of Hans Gunder Inderhaug Inderhaug, Hans Gunder Assistant Professor +4771214030
Iversen, Hans Petter Associate Professor +4771214280
Picture of Beinta i Jakupsstovu Jakupsstovu, Beinta i Gjesteforeleser +4771214208
Picture of Christina Berg Johansen Johansen, Christina Berg Associate Professor +4771195763