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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Heidi Viviann Haavardsen Haavardsen, Heidi Viviann Dean +4771214147 +4741573624
Picture of Hans Gunder Inderhaug Inderhaug, Hans Gunder Assistant Professor +4771214030
Iversen, Hans Petter Associate Professor +4771214280
Picture of Beinta I Jakupsstovu Jakupsstovu, Beinta I Professor emerita +4771214208
Picture of Christina Berg Johansen Johansen, Christina Berg Associate Professor +4771195763
Picture of Trond Are Johnsen Johnsen, Trond Are Senior Librarian +4771195743 94841415
Picture of Signe Gunn Julnes Julnes, Signe Gunn Associate Professor +4771214264
Juvik, Kristin Elisabeth Assistant Professor +4771195846 416 07 352
Picture of Bjørn Jæger Jæger, Bjørn Associate Professor +4771214217 98618093
Picture of Else Jørgensen Jørgensen, Else Senior Lecturer +4771214011
Jörnsten, Rebecka Professor II
Katla, Belinda Higher Executive Officer +4771195892 47242691
Kirchhoff, Ralf Associate Professor II 93037991
Kleivenes, Ole Martin Assistant Professor +4771195818
Klymenko, Olena Research Fellow Logistics +4771195825 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Konovalenko, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow +4771195894 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Kristoffersen, Steinar Rektor - Professor +4771195816 +47 926 69831
Picture of Kjetil Kroknes Kroknes, Kjetil Chief Information Officer +4771214178 +4794974064 IT, Sikkerhet, ITIL, Management
Picture of Alexander Krumer Krumer, Alexander Professor +4771195746
Krøvel, Idun Senior Adviser +4771195856 97122629
Langelo, Erik Research Fellow Logistics +4771195819 93652416 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Picture of Emmy Elizabeth Langøy Langøy, Emmy Elizabeth Associate Professor +4771195828
Picture of Gerd Marit Langøy Langøy, Gerd Marit University College Director +4771214148 +4791571540
Laporte, Gilbert Professor II +4771195742
Lindqvist, Susanne Marie Professor II