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Persons 201 - 225 of 248
Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Storm, Marianne Professor II +4771195845
Picture of Solveig Straume Straume, Solveig Associate Professor +4771195773
Picture of Jens Petter Straumsheim Straumsheim, Jens Petter Information Manager +4771214121 +4795700194
Picture of Tone Finnøy Straumsheim Straumsheim, Tone Finnøy Senior Adviser +4771214290
Sundal, Hildegunn Associate Professor +4771214045
Sundberg, Gunn-Elin University College Teacher +4771195871 995 09 803
Picture of Berit Svendsvik Svendsvik, Berit Head of Office +4771214164 +4791199469
Svenning, Geir Arne Manager of Outreach Activities +4771214140 +4795559443
Svindland, Morten Associate Professor +4771195747
Synnes, Oddgeir Arne Associate Professor II
Picture of Siv Elin Nord Sæbjørnsen Sæbjørnsen, Siv Elin Nord Associate Professor +4771214153
Sætre, Irene Lange Higher Executive Officer +4771195780
Picture of Oddbjørn Sættem Sættem, Oddbjørn Senior Lecturer +4771214236
Sættem, Ragnhild Assistant Professor +4771214230
Sønderland, Oliver Apprentice IT +4771195853
Picture of Øyvind Sørensen Sørensen, Øyvind Seniorrådgiver økonomi +4771195740
Tafjord, Trine Assistant Professor +4771214074
Taknæs, Tommy Buckholm Assistant Professor +4771195736 90890491
Teryokhin, Sergei Associate Professor +4771195748 90964343
Thalassinou, Eleni Cleaning Operator
Thorød, Steinar Martinius Associate Professor +4771214023
Picture of Tassew Dufera Tolcha Tolcha, Tassew Dufera Doctoral Research Fellow +4771195730 +4748330735 Doctoral Research Fellow Logistics
Torsteinsen, Harald Professor II 952 07 740
Tsvetkova, Antonina Associate Professor +4771195855
Picture of Morten Walløe Tvedt Tvedt, Morten Walløe Associate Professor +4771214238 +4790673230