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Transport Research Group (TRG)

Transport Research Group is a national strongpoint for transport research and includes 20 researchers. The group includes researchers from both Molde University College and the research institute Møreforsking.


Eivind Tveter picture Eivind Tveter E-post: Eivind.Tveter@himolde.no Telefon: +4771214281

Research areas

Transport policy and appraisal

Members of the group do extensive research within cost-benefit analysis, public transport and funding and purchase of transport services.

Transport flow modelling

For several decades TRG has had a central role in the development of the transport models for personal travels used in Norway. The models are also frequently applied and tested in different projects. 

Freight and logistics

Members of the group do research within both intermodal transport and efficiency studies of ports.


Publications 2021

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Publications 2020

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Publications 2019

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Publications 2018

Møreforsking reports



  • 2018 NECTAR Cluster 2 meeting on E-groceries, digitalization and sustainability.
  • 2016 NECTAR Cluster 1 (Transport Networks) on the wider economic impacts of transport.
  • 2013 Seminar om "mernytte" av stor transportinvesteringer sammen med Statens vegvesen.

TRG Research seminar 2018 - 2019 

The group has monthly research seminars with presentations from the TRG members and visiting scholars. The event is free and open to all.

Date Time Place Presenter Title
17.10.2018 12:00 Møreforsking Deodat Mwesiumo The impact of service attribute failure on passenger´s likelihood to promote an airport online
14.11.2018 14:00 HiMolde James Odeck Do policy makers  choose the most efficient projects?
22.11.2018 14:00 Møreforsking James Laird Wider economic impacts of regional air services
12.12.2018 12:00 Møreforsking Ning Lin Evaluation of Asia-Europe sea container supply chain configurations – The impact of upstream store-level consolidation activity on supply chain performance
16.01.2019 12:00 HiMolde Axel Merkel Regional productivity effects of reduced maritime transport costs – Evidence from a treatment-control approach
13.02.2019 12:00 Møreforsking Erik Johansson Estimating wage effects from commuting rails
10.04.2019 14:00 HiMolde Manel Grifoll

Multi-port system traffic analysis using compositional data and Introduction to Cruise market at Mediterranean Sea

08.05.2019 12:00 TBA Tom Ryel (TBC) TBA
14.05.2019 13.00 HiMolde Jonas Eliasson TBA

TBA - to be announced
TBC - to be confirmed



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